Tuesday, May 13, 2008

cairo GRAND OPENING Saturday June 7th from 6-10 pm

Make Me One With Everything

Make Me One With Everything
Seeking connection between natural and man-made forms, five contemporary artists use geometry to reinterpret the invisible.

Opening reception June 7th 6-10pm. On view through July 14th.

Drawings & Paintings

Cairo presents new works from Aaron Osborn: Make Me One With Everything, a series of graphite drawings of fragmented architectural spaces and a collection of wood stain paintings of geometric conjecture. Pulling from the languages of crystals, constellations, and conventional American architecture, Osborn uses form to diagram his own esoteric investigation. His work seeks out the intangible, and abstracts the process of growth and the invisible structure of belief systems. http://www.aaronosborn.net


Stephen Eichhorn and Jessica Paulson are Chicago-based artists, partners, and, most recently, jewelry designers. Their jewelry line, LULU, is made from new and vintage components. Their designs reference natural and man-made patterns--clean black and white pieces are mixed with informal colorful details.


Premiering pieces from Civilian, a new collaboration between two Seattle apparel designers, Katie Nash and Keiko Ichinose. ‘Civilian: where beauty meets function, cultivating awareness between the modern and natural worlds – simple and sleek.’


Cairo is a forum for creative inquiry and exposure, showcasing visual arts, design, performance, sound, film, and artist-in-residence opportunities. We renegotiate the traditional relationships between artist and institution in partnership with our visiting artists, and, in the process, create an ever-evolving arts space open to all kinds of circumstance.

Cairo is a gallery, a boutique, and a working artist's studio. In addition to our ongoing arts exhibitions, always available in the gallery are independent arts publications, emerging artist flat-files, and our own collection of unique Cairo apparel.