Saturday, April 30, 2011

Killin' Time with Brian O'Keeffe.

Who exactly is Brian O'Keeffe? It would probably be best to let him describe himself:
"I am an international personality, vanguard, dilettant. I am a vegetarian activist, gay-rights fan, marijuana advocate. I am Frank Correa's best friend!" -B.O. 2011

Yes, Brian is all of these things, and so much more. We had a whale of a time shopping in Cairo's treasure chest of goodies, mixing cool vintage threads with exciting new items (check out the grey and white striped tank from Alternative Apparel with the Saudi Arabia backpack… FYI you may be a little distracted by Brian's, uh, pants…)
We also got zen with some ultra-super-tight gold laced pants that created the perfect yogi outfit, and tee'd off with a pastel summer suit and some serious yellow socks.

Want to see what Brian does in his spare time? Take a look at his YouTube here. (There is some good Cairo footage tucked away in there too!)

***see more photos here:

What is your sign?
Aquarius, but I don't really follow any of that stuff.

What is your spirit animal?
A pink lab rat.

What is your favorite local band?
Definitely Great Spiders.

Where were you born?
I was born in a hospital across the street from where Charles Bukowski gambled away all his post office money: The Santa Anita racetrack.

What are your thoughts on 2012?
I am always excited for the future… I'm just looking forward to 2018 when Blade Runner becomes real.

If you could have any 3 people over for dinner, who would they be?
Stanley Kubrick, Ingmar Bergman, Louis Malle. All of them are deceased, all of them are directors.

What was your best Halloween costume?
Well, I was Van Gogh two years ago.

What is your favorite word?
I'll tell you my favorite sentence instead. It's "I love you", but it has to be directed towards me and it has to be sincere.

What was the first concert you attended?
Ug, REM in 1988 at the Key Arena with my mom. I was not a fan.

What is one of the most memorable places you've ever visited?
I was in Robert Evan's bedroom once. I sat on his mink throw…

Excited about any current projects?
Yes! I am filming my first feature-length debut this summer.

Have a good week Cairo readers!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

New BANDCAMP site with THREE free tracks

We are happy to announce 2010's The Cold Jungle is now available for digital download via our BRAND NEW bandcamp site.

Get all 10 tracks in digital format, or just download the three free tracks from WET PAINT DMM, STEPHANIE & BIG SPIDER'S BACK.

Don't say we never did anything for you.....

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Photos from Saturday night

Zak de Gorgue took some more righteous black-and-white photos for us, this time of Saturday's M. Women/Gun Outfit/Brilliant Colors show. Check out his snaps of the latter two bands below. Thanks, Zak!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

double vision

Photos by Ryan Furbush and Frank Correa. Some of our favorites from the "Doubles" photography show, up at Cairo through May 21st. Large and small prints are for sale all day, everyday 12-7. Come and check 'em out.

Mystic Women

The two lovely ladies of today's post are local artists specializing in gems, jewels, and crystals. Under the trade names &c and
Elizabeth Patterson
, Meghann and Beth both feature jewelry inspired by esoteric concepts such as mysticism, the occult, and alchemy.

All of their jewelry, including (but not limited to) necklaces, bracelets, and earrings are made from found objects and hand-picked crystals. These crazy creations are one-of-a-kind and totally cool.

For their photo shoot, both Beth and Meghann dressed in Cairo clothes and accessories, and wore some of their favorite pieces from their own collections. Come in to Cairo or go to their websites to get your hands on some of this fresh spring equipment.

*see more photos here:

What is your sign?
B- I'm a virgo with a scorpio rising and a Pluto moon.
M- I'm a leo with a double scorpio.

What is your spirit animal?
B- a bee.
M- a horse. I do horsey things…like fall asleep standing up.

How did you both start designing jewelry?
B- I started working at the bead shop. Then I hired meghann, too.

Where were you born?
B- San Diego, CA
M- Cincinnati, OH

Who is your favorite local musician or band?
project involving Phil Elverum.
M- Addarra.

Who or what is your biggest inspiration?
M- Beth Martini.
B- Definitely Meghann. But I like to think of myself as a
craftsperson, as opposed to an artist. I do this thing where I look
at myself in the mirror and say, “I’m not Bauhaus.” I'm inspired by
the gem or crystal I'm currently working with.

Most fascinating place you’ve ever visited?
M- probably Arcosanti.. Its this commune village halfway between
phoenix and flagstaff. It looks like Tatouine from star wars.
B- Garden of the gods in Colorado springs.

What is the worst nickname you've ever had?
B- Liz the lizard in middle school. Its not too bad, but its why I
changed my name to Beth.
M- megzaur I think. That’s my Pokemon nickname.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Brilliant Colors, Gun Outfit, and M. Women tomorrow night!

Despite the lack of a show tonight, Cairo's still committed to making your weekend more awesome. Saturday night, San Francisco trio Brilliant Colors will be swinging by for a set of their fizzy, Euro-styled garage pop. Tomorrow also heralds the triumphant return of Olympia band Gun Outfit, and local favorites M. Women will also be performing. Obviously, it is going to rule. Doors are at 8 PM, admission is the usual $5.

Fun fact: Brilliant Colors' catchy tune "Absolutely Anything" is about "vaginal imagery in art." Go figure.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Roll Over in Your Grave, Baby.

Last Saturday afternoon, one quarter of goth-punk band Grave Babies ambled towards Cairo, American Spirit and American mullet in tow. ("I just started smoking like, 4 or 5 months ago")

We spent the day dressing him up in Cairo jewels, T-shirts, and backpacks, Danny eventually adopting the "welcome back to school, asshole" mentality midway through his photo shoot. The last look featured a wooden staff, suitable for traversing great lands OR impersonating Britney. Also, it must be noted that I haven't ever seen anyone get so excited about a Chicago Bulls T as Danny...

The antisocialite, along with the other 75% of Grave Babies can be listened to/creeped on here. If you want to get serious, go to the Funhouse on APRIL 29TH for the ggnzla Movie Premiere Night to see them perform IN PERSON.

Check out the guest appearance by beloved Frank C below!


Favorite local band:
I don’t think I can pick a favorite… Grave Babies.

First concert:
It was a co-headlining tour with MC Hammer and Boyz II Men, in Champaign, IL.

Musical Influences:
Nirvana, Roy Orbison, and Master P.

Where are you from:
I’m from Champaign, Illinois.

Spirit animal
Oh, I don’t know. A human being I guess.

First song you made out to:
Well it was in an elevator, so I guess elevator music.

Song playing when approaching the pearly gates:
I don’t believe in god.

Most bizarre occurrence at a show:
My friend once sold smut out of his trench coat at my show at the Holy Mountain…

Exciting piece of trivia:
Oh! I can spin a basketball on every finger, including my thumbs.

Sunday, April 17, 2011


$45 gets you this great workshop, teaching you the basics of silkscreening shirts and posters + 1 month's worth of 7 day a week access to our studio to create your very own goodies. Email us at or stop in to reserve your spot!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Cairo hosts some South Sound riffers this weekend

Saturday night, Cairo's got a kickass show scheduled featuring pothead-country-psych-rippers The Family Stoned as headliners, Pitted Youth (not to be confused with Seattle's So Pitted) bringing the hardcore party-punk vibes, and Young Strange (aka Cario Pythian, late of Catatonic Youth), who is both young and strange.

Doors will be at 8 PM with a $5 entry, as per usual. The eye-catching poster for Saturday's show was designed by none other than Robert M. Wolfe:

For more info on the performers, check out Wild Animal Kingdom records.

To RSVP to the show, check out the Facebook event page.


Friday, April 15, 2011

Cairo Digital Mixtape #01 is Online Now

We here at Cairo are launching an online "digital mixtape series" featuring killer mixes put together by store managers, employees, friends, and other generally rad people. This is just the first of what will hopefully be many, and we already have another couple in the pipeline. In the meantime, feast your ears on this 45-minute excursion into luminescent, aquamarine waters--it's my predictably summery, feel-good mix. Enjoy.

UPDATE: The Soundcloud link is down, but you can download the mix directly here. Thanks.

"Digital J-Card":


01. Want You Still (ft. Kilo Kish) (excerpt) - Jet Age of Tomorrow
02. Gloomy Guts (ft. Craft Spells) - Mickey Mickey Rourke
03. Smoke and Mirrors - Adventure
04. (Caribbean) Dreams - Okay Colour!
05. I'm Loaded (ft. E-40) - Droop-E
06. Wild Horses - Prefab Sprout
07. Kaputt - Destroyer
08. Por Medio De La Lectura - Los Amparito
09. Future Step - Pictureplane
10. Final Program (ssllooww edit) - Baby Sloth Spirit
11. Space Vacation - Beat Connection

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Decorating My Binder with STICKERS

Last weekend, (sort of) local wondertrio Stickers dominated Cairo's racks for a few hours.
They succeeded in pulling out every gem and kitty sweater in stock, impersonating everyone from Julia Roberts in "Pretty Woman" and Tom Cruise in "Risky Business", and ultimately depleting the store's supply of baseball jerseys. (Thanks Emily)

Gabi (sax/vocals), Emily (drums), and Troy (bass) interviewed and photographed like champs (or cheerleaders?)

T Capricorn
G Leo
E Capricorn

Spirit Animal
T Beagle
G I can’t pin it down on just one. I say I need all of them, for different days of the week.
E Raccoon.

T Reno
G Connecticut
E Seattle!

Worst Job
T I worked at a tennis court in Reno. It was really hot and I worked in a trailer dealing with old people.
G I was a magician’s assistant, but I had to quit because he was a pervert.

First Concert
T MC Hammer...with my babysitter.
G Peter, Paul, and Mary at an outdoor theater in CT.
E Nirvana and Butthole Surfers in Seattle.

Favorite Local Band of All Time
T Ponytime! Ponytime Ponytime Ponytime Ponytime. Ponytime.
...and King Dude. Gotta keep it in the family.
G I just fell in love with Puberty. It’s pop gold.
E I’m gonna go with Grave Babies.

Stickers will be playing a show here at Cairo with Captain Ahab and FOOTWORK on MAY 13th. So you best be there.

Check out Stickers' music and more here.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Fancy Footwork.

This week, the gentlemen of local band FOOTWORK stopped by Cairo for inspiring words and dress up time.
Jim (Wet Paint DMM, Cut Loose, Half Gift), Taylor (Cut Loose, Secondary), and Pelly (Haunted Horses) make up the coolest trio of shorties in Seattle.

Check out the special appearance by Peter Lowe, another member of the "5'5 and Under" club.

J- Leo
T- Aquarius
P- Libra

Favorite Northwest Band of All Time:
J- I Cant decide!
T- Why I Must Be Careful
P- Cut Loose. Funny, but it’s true.

Spirit Animal:
J- Dolphin.
T- I have no spirit animal. I was born without one.
P- Llama! L-L-A-M-A. Llama.

Favorite Current Seattle Band:
J- Naomi Punk and Masters & Johnson
T- U
P- U, but fuck Travis Coster! No just kidding.

Song Playing When Approaching the Pearly Gates:
J- Black Angel’s Death Song, covered by Clock DVA
T- The Electrician by The Walker Brothers
P- 6 Underground by Sneaker Pimps

First Concert:
J- Bush…Wax opened. It was at the Electric Ballroom in Tempe, AZ.
T- Missing 23rd, a hardcore show in the Bay Area.
P- I saw Korn in Los Angeles. At the Hollywood Bowl.

Major Musical Influences:
J- Post- Punk and No Wave
T- DNA and Phantom Smasher
P- Volcano!

Check out FOOTWORK's tunes here!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Tonight: Witch Gardens, DUZHKNEW, Cousins, and Neighbors

More great live music tonight, as per usual. Local pop quartet Witch Gardens--fresh off another recording sesh and the debut of their new 7" artwork--will headline a show that includes visiting Nova Scotians DUZHEKNEW and Cousins. Neighbors open this all-ages show. Doors at 8 pm, $5 to enter. Here's some more dish on our Canadian guests:


Adam O'Reilly is a self-styled "weird Canadian" (is there any other kind?) who plays under the alias DUZHEKNEW. His brand of indie pop is sort of jagged and frantic, but marked by a charismatic joyfulness, making him an ideal companion to Witch Gardens. Sometimes his songs take on more of a sparse, melancholic dimension with heart-on-your-sleeve earnestness and elegiac guitar sounds, and other times they're peppy and boisterous. For live performances, O'Reilly has recently been joined by a pair of other jammers.


Novia Scotians Cousins ply strained, triumphant indie rock in a fairly traditional (not nonetheless exciting) mold. While their recordings are a little more restrained, apparently Cousins are genuinely raucous live, and brimming with fuck-it-all brio. When the duo came in to record a live session for the folks at Daytrotter during the POP Montreal festival, Sean Moeller was compelled to write, "We appreciate that we have a young band like this to believe in, one that makes you feel like you're living down by the train tracks, tooling around on dirt bikes and skateboards, drinking Mountain Dew, thinking about bad news girls and feeling that you've got an itch that you just can't scratch."

Molson and Labatt night! See you there!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

New Column! Fashion Photo Blog.

Hey friends!
Cairo will now be posting photos and short interviews of friends/artists/bands in the local community.
All interviewees are dressed (mostly!) in Cairo fashions and photographed in-store.

First up, Marius Mazilu of Eel Eater and Romanian fame.

I’m a Leo.

I was born in Romania, but I grew up in Burien.

Current favorite Seattle band:
I guess... M. Women?

Favorite PNW band:

First Concert:
The last RKCNDY show in ‘99… Blood Brothers played with Kill Sadie, Botch, and Bali Girls.

Most memorable show ever:
Probably Oops! The Tour in 2002. It was the first time I saw Lightning Bolt.

*Shirt, Jacket, Belt, and Boots courtesy of Cairo.

Photos/Interview by Liv.

Friday, April 1, 2011

All the happenings at Cairo this weekend!

Cairo's got a jam-packed weekend on tap for you all, starting with a show tonight featuring fizzy Seattle/Olympia rippers Naomi Punk, and esteemed Oly players American Vacuum and Gun Outfit. I'm just a little excited about this show, as you can see from these two articles (1,2). 8 PM tonight, all-ages, $5 at the door.

Tomorrow night, the good times continue with a concert whose awesome roster includes Charles Leo Gebhardt IV, Lindseys, and So Pitted (a new-ish group featuring members of SPURM and the Fabulous Downey Brothers). The fun starts at 8 PM, with the usual $5 entry and all-ages open-door policy.

Finally, on Sunday, Cairo is hosting a one-of-a-kind event: "The Mixtape Reading Series." While there won't be any actual cassette tapes played, shared, or sold, nine authors will be reading from their work, with the afternoon's guests divided into a "Side A" and "Side B." The event starts at 2 PM Sunday and will include:

Brandon Scott Gorrell
Tom DeBeauchamp
Jamey Braden (late of Wet Paint DMM)
Frances Dinger
Tara Atkinson
Ben Blum
Summer Robinson
Willie Fitzgerald
Matt Nelson

We hope to see you at one or all of these events!