Thursday, June 30, 2011

Cairo Quickie: Jamey

Whats black, white, and red all over?
Wet Paint DMM's Jamey Braden stopped in to Cairo following an afternoon siesta
to pick up a silkscreen, looking like a sunburned zebra.
What advice did the former fashion blog interviewee have for me?
"Don't nap. I just woke up from one and my brain is infantile. I'm not fucking doing them anymore!"
Pearls of wisdom.

Congrats to Witch Gardens and USF

Two of Cairo's featured artists on our 2010 The Cold Jungle compilation cropped up on Pitchfork this week. Read Martin Douglas' review of Witch Gardens' Alice, Agatha, Branch & Christ here and watch the new video for USF's new single "Close Your Eyes" below.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Shepherds of the Abstruse

Emily Pothast and David Golightly of Midday Veil are a sight to behold. If you haven’t noticed David’s beard around the neighborhood, you either don’t go outside enough or you’re too busy staring at your shoes. Look up! That beard is madness.

As connoisseurs of all things psychedelic, Emily and David are well versed in what it means to be a psych band—“It’s music that acknowledges and willfully manipulates our notion of perception.”—Trippy.

Apart from the band, this couple co-coordinates Portable Shrines, a local art collective focused on psychedelic culture here in Seattle, (come get Volume I of their compilation at Cairo!) and runs a record label called Translinguistic Other. They also keep busy with organizing the annual Escalator Fest, AND Emily hosts the silkscreen workshops at Cairo. Phew.
E & D consider themselves to be pretty dark and spacey—“Leonard Cohen was the first artist I discovered whose mental state I could identify with”—but that definitely doesn’t manifest in their fashion choices. Both wanted to model bold and bright clothing, and Emily even pulled out some Cairo clothes from her personal closet.

Check out the photos and interview below, and head to our Flickr to see the rest!

Midday Veil

David Golightly

Emily Pothast

How did you two meet?
D- We met in 2007 at Emily's art gallery.
E- David came in to Davidson Galleries. I was the director of the
antique print department. David came in on first Thursday with a
mutual friend.

What brings you to Seattle?
D- Seattle seemed like a place that it was easy enough to find jobs but not too expensive, with an interesting culture.
E- I went to grad school at UW.

Where were you born/raised?
D- I was born in Columbus where my dad was in grad school, and I grew up in Sacramento and Kentucky. Seattle seemed like a place that it was easy
enough to find jobs but not too expensive, interesting culture.
started working in software jobs.
E- I was born and raised in Iowa, and then I went to high school and
college in Wichita Falls, TX.

What else are you two currently working on?
E- Midday Veil has a cassette coming out this summer, and we are recording our second album in the fall. We are always coordinating for Portable Shrines events, and Escalator Fest, which is next spring.

What are some of your biggest inspirations?
E- Feedback systems…which means I look at my own stuff more than
anything else. (haha) No, I originally was inspired by Fursaxa and Cocorosie’s concept—like lo-fi/homemade/bedroom music. Hearing music that sounded really easy to make I guess. The book “The Death and Resurrection Show” was the perfect thing for me as well. It’s all about how show business and performance are related to shamanism—the link between performance and the spirit world.
D- I grew up around a lot of church music and classical music, and then went to
music school. I got really fascinated with Karlheinz Stockhausen, who is a big influence
because he was so grandiose in his exploration of music. Terry Riley is an inspiration oppositely—he’s a minimalist.

Is there a city with the best psych rock scene right now?
D- There’s the Internet now, so every city can have something.
Everybody is aware of what everyone is doing in the world.
E- Austin does have a lot of support though, especially with Austin Psych Fest.

What is the best venue you have played in Seattle?
D- the Comet.
E- Yeah, it’s historically a dive bar but Michelle Smith [Comet’s booker] is a
visionary. One of the best bookers in town. Cairo too, there is a crazy draw in the neighborhood… it’s very community-based. Also The Josephine in Ballard .You can get
away with anything there... be as loud as you want and as late as you

Can you name each other’s weird habits?
D- Emily is obsessed with touching cats’ feet. They don’t like it, but Emily is…persistent.
E- I just like touching them softly! David likes to put headphones on for
synthesizer-based meditation. He needs to plug into his little universe
of knobs and cosmic noises every once in a while.
D- We also enjoy Mexican food in an obsessive amount.
E- Yeah, we basically toured the Southwest just to eat tacos.

Who are 3 people you want to have chat with?
E- Just my mom and dad. Everything I’ve done in the past five years is for them.
D- Oh man. Emily wins this one. Let’s just use her answer.

Who were you in high school?
D- I was home schooled until 9th grade. I lived in the sticks in Eastern Kentucky. I was really nerdy and a total outsider.
E- I was kind of the “token person who smoked pot in an RV between AP calculus classes”. The most loser-ish of the AP kids, if you will.

Dream travel destination?
E- I haven’t been to very many places in Europe, but we sell a lot of records overseas. I really want to tour Europe. Psych rock is a big thing there, and they have a culture of supporting traveling musicians too.
D- You know, I really like the outdoors of Washington State. The Olympic Mountains and San Juan Islands are beautiful.

That's what's up.

See you next time! Liv

Monday, June 27, 2011

Cairo Digital Mixtape #04: Memphis Voyager

Enigmatic contributor "St. Germain" brings us our latest Digital Mixtape: "Memphis Voyager," a comprehensive collection of little-heard Southern underground hip-hop and other stanky, bassy sounds. The concept behind "Memphis Voyager" should sit well with anyone who's been binging on Ancient Aliens on Netflix Instant Watch™--if aliens came to Earth, what are the subterranean sounds we'd first like to introduce them to? Take me to your leaders, yo.

Our shiny new Temple of Cairo has the stream and download of "Memphis Voyager." Here, again, is the direct link.


01. Gangsta Pat Ft. Villain – The Saga Continues
02. Gangsta Blac Ft. Cool ‘B’ – Life’s a Bitch
03. Tommy Wright III Ft. Evil Son and Crucifix – We Creep
04. Criminal Mafia – Yo Ass is Dead
05. Mack DLE – Future
06. DJ Zirk Ft. Tha 2 Thick Family
07. 3 Memphis Kniccas – Funkytown Sounds
08. Yo Lynch Ft. Criminal Manne – Keepin My Pockets Swole
09. Kingpin Skinny Pimp – Don’t Test Me
10. Playa Fly – Start Runnin
11. Gangsta Blac – Wanna Guess

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Psychic Feline Tonight!

Cairo's unofficial "Portland Weekend" continues tonight, with performances by Oregonian rockers Psychic Feline and Nucular Aminals. Locals M. Women are opening and I understand they'll be debuting some new songs. I also know that Peter Lowe's been busy all day in the silkscreen studio prepping new Pyschic Feline swag for the show. It's gonna be awesome, and over in time for other shows/other parties/Pride Weekend shenanigans. All-ages are, as always, welcome.

Set times:

8:00 - M. Women

9:00 - Nucular Aminals

10:00 - Psychic Feline

The phenomenal poster was designed by Merlin Mannelly, who, I'm sad to say, is about to join the Seattle-to-NY expat club. He'll be missed! Click for the high-res (you won't regret it).

Friday, June 24, 2011

ASSS, USF, Sorry Tonight!

Hey all,
tonight we're hosting another stellar all-ages show, this time with visiting Portlandites ASSS, USF, and Sorry. Each one fills a different niche in the Cascadian electronic scene--Sorry's new to the region, but he's already got a record on the way from local imprint Debacle, USF are Cairo faves with some big news (and new releases) in the very near future, and ASSS are former tribalist-noise savants now working in a more kraut-y vein. Virtually everyone is playing new music. You should check it out! 8 pm, $5 at the door.

RSVP to the show on Facebook by clicking here.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Cairo Quickie: Ian & Chris

Look what I found lounging outside of Cairo on Thursday...
Matching woodsmen!

What advice did these verdant sages give me for the good livin'?

Ian told me to "stop in the name of love".

Chris said to avoid sketchy people in Cal Anderson park.

Both incredibly handy words of wisdom. Thanks boys.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Cairo Records: the Temple of Cairo is Now Open

Big news, folks—Cairo is pleased to announce "Cairo Records," the newest arm of the tiniest empire in the Northwest. Visit the Temple of Cairo to learn more about our plans to build on our rep for hosting amazing shows, sharing great mixtapes, organizing awesome annual festivals, and staying at the fore of the region's cultural revitalization by launching what we hope will be your new favorite local label. Last year's Cold Jungle compilation can go down in the books as Cairo Records #001, but it's our second vinyl/CD release that should really get you going: Golden Fjord, the long-awaited new full-length album by local trio Flexions.

Golden Fjord is a noir-esque trip, a "seething mass" of dub, decelerated disco beats, and focused, fang-baring instrumentation. It will be out on vinyl, CD, and digital formats on August 2nd.

The aforementioned handsome new Cairo Records website is also where you can find all of our free digital mixtapes, past, present, and future. Some of the mixes that we have in the pipeline are wicked-good listens, and we have a bunch of keen stuff planned for the label as well.

Start following our RSS feed to stay in the loop. The temple is now open.

Monday, June 13, 2011

RumSpringa Forward!

Is it possible that two “partial” albinos could find each other and become best friends? Clearly.
Fair Anna is a conceptual designer with a history of industrial and costume design, and currently works with Allie Hankins for Northwest New Works. She also costumed an Implied Violence exhibit at the Guggenheim museum for the "Works and Process" Festival.
Not-so-fair Carmen (but still albino?) is a fisherwoman, aspiring model, and student at Bastyr, and nutrition and natural health enthusiast if I ever met one. Carmen hosted a workshop here at Cairo last weekend, featuring non-toxic DIY cleaners and natural fragrances… and now all my clothes smell like wondrous rosemary lavender.
The girls tried on every boot and heel in the shop last Saturday, while engaging in serious conversations about the Amish and the importance of Vitamin B12 in a vegan diet. We got so carried away, in fact, that our interview had to be rescheduled. Nutritional yeast and supplements can sure be distracting...

Anyway, these girls were naturals in front of the camera.



And knew how to pick some eye catching outfits...



And then there was something about a banana?

for more photos, including close ups of Carmen & Anna's accessories (exclusively at Cairo!) click on over HERE!

What is your sign?
A- I am a Scorpio. WATCH OUT!
C- I am a Libra.

What is your spirit animal?
A- I’m pretty sure I am a rabbit.
C- No, you're an albino unicorn. But wow that’s a really good question. Maybe a feline. Fe-lion. A lioness.

Who or what are your greatest fashion influences?
C- I would say my grandma and Stevie Nicks.
A- I am really obsessed with the Amish people and Mennonites…. So I guess that translates. Oddly, I would say the striking assurance and confidence of the way Diana Vreeland dresses herself is a great influence.

Where were you born and raised?
A- I was born in Bradford, England. I was raised in Seattle, WA.
C- I was raised in Cordova, AK, but I was born in California.

What was the first concert you ever saw?
C- I saw the Pixies in Denmark when I was sixteen.
A- Im a little embarrassed about the truth of this answer… My sister and I loved Debbie Gibson and went to see her at Key Area.

When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up?
C- Oh god. That would take a whole page. I didn’t want to grow up though.
A- An inventor. I just couldn’t figure out how plastic was made; I wanted to know and no one could help me out.

Carmen, you are leaving for Alaska to go fishing for the summer. What is the trendiest fishing accessory?
Oh that’s easy. Xtratufs…they are these round rubber boots. I always feel so chic when I am fishing.

Artistically, what are your biggest inspirations?
A- I am blessed with a weird imaginiation. I think what I interpret something as is often different than reality. I do tons and tons of research.
C- I am very inspired by lifestyle—mine and those of the people around me. I am inspired by feelings—and how I want to feel.

Anna, was is your most fathomable achievement as an artist?
The greatest achievement that I can conceive of is having time. When you reach the apex you have time to think about what you want. The financial reward will be time. The time to dream, I guess.

Who is your favorite musician?
C- Oh that’s so hard. I’ll say Dolly Parton.
A- I’ll say Moondog. He makes the most beautiful music ever.

How would you describe your personal style?
A- I would say body-conscious utilitarian.
C- I have told been I dress romantically. I really like clashing bright-colors. Tropical.

Interested in Carmen's workshop? Sit tight until the end of summer! More info TBA!

Catch you later! Liv.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Saxual Healing Tomorrow Night!

Tomorrow at 8 pm, we're hosting another badass show featuring Arrington de Dionyso's Malaikat dan Singa, Footwork, and WaMü. It's gonna be LOUD.

If you're not hip to Malaikat dan Singa, it's Arrington de Dionyso (erstwhile of Old Time Relijun) singing guttural love songs in the Indonesian tongue, splattering his vocalisms with verbal gymnastics and dancehall patois while blaring away on his saxophone, usually shirtless. Back-up musicians ply him with unfussy electronic beats that shudder and spasm beneath his flamboyant anti-melodies. It's awesome.

Footwork you should know by now if you don't already, and WaMü are a five-piece that is all about making as much eardrum-obliterating noise as possible. In their hands, even a saxophone is a terrifying weapon of aural assault. Besides being notoriously noisy, the band is something of a Seattle supergroup, with a roster that includes Garret Kelly and Brittnie Fuller of Hollow Earth Radio, Rachel LeBlanc of Wehrwolve, Eric Ostrowski of Noggin, and local golden-boy guitarist Kaz Nomura/ PWRFL Power.

Tickets are $5 at the door. See you tomorrow night!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

New Cairo Blog Feature: Cairo Quickies!

Hey there Cairo bloggers,
this is our first edition of a new feature, where we take photos of the smartly- or interestingly-dressed folks that mosey on into the shop.
Our first ever post features Cairo neighbor & superfriend Maggie!
When she's not whippin' up a fresh batch of fish'n'chips at the Fry,
Maggie can usually be seen riding her bike around Seattle or hanging out at home with the Cat(s).
On this particular day, Ms. Maggie was on her way to a BBQ, in full summer attire.
Check out the short interview and a few pics of the beauty in her cool duds.


Where did you get your dress?
I got it in highschool for my senior photos. I still love it though. It's going to be my wedding dress.

What's your biggest style inspiration right now?
My cat Sophie. I try to dress in similar patterns, because she always looks so damn good all the time.


Have any summer plans?
Yeah! I'm going to Iceland and then England for the final Harry Potter premiere, which I just bought a wand for. I'm looking at opening a wizarding school here in the Northwest...


Where is the best place to bike to in the summer?
The nude beach!

Hell yeah. Until next time!

DIY: Natural Household Cleaners workshop this sunday

You may be inclined to believe that toxic exposure is something that happens in coal mines and nuclear disasters. The reality is less distant. Look no further than under your kitchen sink or the cabinet in your laundry room. On average we are exposed to more toxic chemicals in our own homes then we are anywhere else. This workshop will provide you will the knowledge you need to avoid the most common and dangerous carcinogens more commonly referred to as “household cleaners”.

Learn from Carmen King, certified Nutritional Therapist, what effects specific chemicals have on health issues like hormone balance, weight gain and degenerative disease. In addition, this hands on workshop will teach you how to make products that will work better, cost less (and smell better) then what you’ve been buying at the store.

Attend this eye-opening workshop and learn how easy it is make your own household products. Attendees will be brewing up their own concoctions that you take home with you.

Cairo will be hosting 2 workshops this sunday. From 1-3pm and 3-5pm, come play alchemist and mix up your own scented cleaners. Drop by today with $12 and reserve your spot.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Sidekick Feline

Local chillwave darlings USF sure are cute, huh? Let’s be honest, we all know how awesome these guys are. Jason Baxter and Kyle Hargus are multi-talented: They can make music on their computers, write articles for local newspapers, and do some serious Googling… all while they stroke their respective kitties and drink Kombucha.
Who are these guys? In addition to being Cairo’s blog/mixtape guru, Jason (the blonde one) writes a weekly column for The Stranger, contributes to Tacoma’s The Weekly Volcano, and is the communications coordinator for The Vera Project (exhale).
I think Kyle (the ginger) explains his own profession best: “Well, I have an office job that involves a lot of complicated Googling. A lot of Google News, and summarizing Google News.”
We went for the beachy-keen look for USF (duh) sporting some tropical shades, shorts, and tees. Hell, we even threw in a dolphin. Check out the Cairo-original tee on Jason ($24.00 in store or on Etsy!) and the super slinky Alternative Apparel purple tank on Kyle. Poolside attire anyone?


More? MORE!

What is your sign?
K-I’m a Virgo
J- Taurus!

What is your spirit animal?
K- I know what I would like it to be… an owl.
J- There was a tiger in my dream the other day. I’m going to say a tiger.

Where were you born and raised?
J- Born in Seattle and raised in Edmonds… with a pit stop in Portland.
K- Born in Seattle, raised in Seattle.

Jason, what is your affiliation with Cairo?
J- I write blog posts about all the amazing shows we have here, and
sometimes I share photos and videos. I also work on press releases,
and coordinating our new bandcamp/mixtape series.

Where do you think is the best place to see a show in Seattle?
K- I saw Sigur Ros at Benaroya Hall. I like Benaroya… not every
city has a state of the art music hall.
J- besides Cairo? I’ll cosign on Benaroya.

What new record do you recommend right now?
K- The new Wild Beasts album [Smother] that I’ve been listening to a lot at the
moment. And the new Javelin record.
J- I’ll have to look at my phone… the new Craft Spells record. Also
Synthesist by Harold Grosskopf (Bighead). I’ve been digging on that a
lot too.

Where did you two first meet?
K- We met at the McCharty dorms at UW. We were separated by a floor.

How did you two start playing music together?
K- We lived together for a year…
J- …In the shittiest apartment ever.
K- It was a shitty apartment…we started when Jason got a DD20 pedal
for Christmas one year.

What were your first impressions of each other?
J- Something like, “this seems like a cool dude I could get along
with.” We both really liked comics…
K- …and yerba mate lattes from Tully’s.

So Kyle, are you into comics too?
Oh yeah. Very much so. I really like Batman, Inc., Duncan the Wonder Dog, Cold Heat.

What is your ultimate fantasy band for USF to open for?
K- Os Mutants for sure!
J- I would love to open for… not Wilson Phillips. Kitaro.

Which boy band resonates the most with you?
(in unison) 98 degrees!
K- no, 2gether, that MTV fake boy band.

Word on the street is that USF is into cats. Tell me about yours.
K- My cat’s name is Holly. I’ve had her for about a year and a half.
She's hefty… a lot to love. She's a lot of colors; she's a
barman with a tabby mix. She is reluctant to exercise but anxious for
attention. She's the size of a small raccoon. I call her Hall & Oates
sometimes. She comes to her name too; she has a bit of a dog streak in
her I guess.
J- Montana! She's a 4-year-old tabby. She was a big girl when I got
her, but with proper diet and exercise, we’ve got her down to a healthy weight. She is a real pest and incredibly needy, but she is super affectionate. I recently discovered that she hates listening to metal. She likes to eat boxes and loves catnip. Also, she has no respect for anyone’s boundaries.

What is your favorite tropical locale?
K- Maui, my mom grew up in Hawaii so we used to go there a lot. That’s
definitely my favorite island.
J- Oh yeah, you would ask that of USF.

What is in store for the future, you ask? With two singles (one for Deathbomb Arc ) coming AND a tour this summer, these guys are on the fast track to cat-sickness.

See you at the beach!


Kick Off the Sunny Weekend with a Jammin' Show

The high today is supposed to be seventy degrees, and it's only going to get hotter on Saturday. Good thing we booked such a killer summer-rock show for tonight. Former and current East-siders Zephyrs and Naomi Punk will perform (with special guest Matt Lawson!), along with some visiting Canadians whose music is as radical as their names are strange: Walter TV and Watermelon. The show starts at 8, with $5 admission. It's all-ages (duh). No shirt, no shoes, no problem (just kidding). RSVP here.