Sunday, May 29, 2011

new JEWELRY in from &c.

More great gems from &c. just went out. Come in today and get first pick of the litter.

Necklaces and Earrings by &c.",

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Go Suck a Tooth: The DJM Story.

Daniel Joseph Mitchell, former poet, current painter, podcaster, and mixtape guru, is my subject du jour. An artist of many mediums, Daniel had an extensive list of sites where his work could be found… "I’m well represented this year.”
Daniel hosts a podcast with friend Paul Waude called "I Can’t Believe I’m a Loser", where they stop getting real, and start feeling real. He is also a member of the White Fence Art Collective with Cassie Ramone (Vivian Girls), Ryan Sambol (The Strange Boys), and Tim Presley (Darker My Love).

Bespeckled and nervous, Daniel spent most of his interview speaking to me about our mutual love of talk radio and the terror of living in Texas as a youth. During his photoshoot, I received a Ginsberg-esque reading from an informative picture book on Native American culture—very entertaining.

Everything Daniel wears from the waist-UP can be purchased at Cairo, including that super-cool yellow T, which features Mitchell’s own designs. Pick one up Friday, DUH. Wait, what is happening this Friday? Along with "loose" art collective called TEETH with Darin Shuler and Brian Standeford ("We figured we could get a show easier if there were more of us...") Daniel will be exhibiting his work at CAIRO!

So be there. But be here now to look at his awesome photos/interview.

See you then, friends.




Wanna see the rest?!?!?!?

What is your sign?
I’m a Pisces…Jewish.

What is your power animal?
My friends.

Where were you born?
I was born and raised in Dallas, Texas. In a suburb called Richardson.

What do you look forward to most when you go back home?
I don't really. I look forward to petting my parents’ animals.

You have a show coming up here pretty soon. What will you have on display?
I do. I’ll have shirts, large watercolor paintings, mix tapes that I have drawn on the
cover, poster-sized prints, and lots of tiny little pieces of paper.

What is your favorite medium to work with?
Right now? The human voice and sumi ink and paper. And mix tapes.

What was the first tape you ever purchased?
I remember the day I bought They Might Be Giants’ Flood, and maybe Def
Leppard’s Hysteria.

What was your most ambitious facial hair-style?
Oh, ha. A handlebar mustache. For a week. With my friend Joshua Fingert.

Favorite book of all time?
Probably The Museum of Love by Steve Weiner.

Okay, why would you recommend that book to me?
Because it has short, disturbing sentences.

What are you listening to right now?
White Fence’s Is Growing Faith. Gun Outfit. Dim Light. Simon and Garfunkel’s Bridge Over
Troubled Water…the whole album.

What are some of your more notable past projects?
Well, I made a 45-minute dream tape of 3 months’ worth of my dreams when I lived in
Portland. Also, I made book of 500 haiku in 9 days.

Until Next Time...


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Cairo Digital Mixtape #03: Go Easy With Me

Matt Lawson of Secret Colors, Stephanie, and recent Cairo photoshoot fame is responsible for the latest entry in our popular digital mixtape series. His is maybe the best mix yet, with a really eclectic selection of awesome tunes (Swirlies!). He also included what is maybe the best song from that hot new Gang Gang Dance Record.

You can download "Go Easy With Me" here via mediafire (until we figure out something a little more elegant).



01. Please Go Easy With Me - S.E. Rogie
02. Rachelle - M. Women
03. His Life of Academic Freedom - The Swirlies
04. A Lamb's Lullaby - Thinking Fellers Union Local 282
05. Snowbank Treatment - Dragging An Ox Through Water
06. Fun Dink Death - Eric Copeland
07. Your Love - The Dovers
08. First Time - Soft Circle
09. The Fog Rose High - Craft Spells
10. The Cold World Melts - Soft Metals
11. Chinese High - Gang Gang Dance
12. Hold Onto Your Woman - Yellowman and Fathead
13. Da Art of Storytellin' Pt. 1 (Instrumental) - Outkast
14. Call Collect - Blues Control
15. Burning - DQE
16. Keep On Trying - The Outsiders


Cairo Digital Mixtape #01

Cairo Digital Mixtape #02

Sunday, May 22, 2011

double vision part II

Last chance to check out the Doubles photo show, up until wednesday. Come in before then and get one of these great X-LARGE photo tote bags for only $10! Tons of small and large prints still available.

photos by Frank Correa and Ryan Furbush

Friday, May 20, 2011

Sick Poster!

Sam from Coke Candy/Read sent over this last-minute poster design for Saturday's show and holy mackerel is it rad-looking:

Secret Couple.

Cairo regulars/babe couple Matt Lawson and Liz Pffffffriem (no P sound, thank you) are featured in this week's post of Cairo fashion mania!
Matt (Secret Colors) currently works at the Boys & Girls Club and has played with bands like Stephanie, Solar Master, Yellow Rabbit, and The Rain Drops. Liz now works for the super-glamorous Grammy Awards, and has worked for The Vera Project, Rainy Dawg Radio, and SIFF.

Liz also has a mixtape series with Kari Odegaard, called Voodoo Reverb.

Hanging out with Matt & Liz for the afternoon was awesome, although we did have a few set problems. Below is a photo of Matt raising the white backdrop, which was too short (ha!).
I know they get shit about their height all the time but it just makes them so damn cute.

Also, we had guest appearance by Beth Corry and Marius Mazilu (the first ever interviewee) during our photo shoot, so they helped us out a little. Thanks guys!


To see the rest of the shoot, mosey on over to our Flickr.

What is your sign?
L- I am a Scorpio.
M- Gemini…
L- This horoscope book said if we (a Scorpio and Gemini) could get past the conflict we would have great adventures!
M- Yeah, Scorpio Liz is a fiery pistol.

What is your spirit animal?
L- a Dalmatian!
M- a mole maybe…but I would rather be a bird.

Are you from Seattle?
L- Kind of, I’m from Edmonds.
M- I’m from Spokane.

What is your favorite Seattle band at the moment?
L- I’ll say Secret Colors.
M- M. Women

What is your favorite northwest band of all time?
M- Ooooh, probably Modest Mouse.
L- The Thermals.

What is the worst joke you've heard about your height difference?
M- people embarrass us a lot about dancing and sex.
L- Yeah, just inappropriate adult comments in general.
M- I get asked how tall I am every day.

How tall are you?
M- ha, you’re the first today! I’m 6'7.
L- I’m 5'2.

What is your favorite Seattle music venue?
L- I saw some really fun shows at Atlas (on Broadway), and it wasn't around long enough
to get tired of it. Definitely The Vera Project too, because of my history there.
M- I’ve only been around for a few years, but The Greenhouse was really cool.

Do you remember the first song you ever made out to?
L- Ha! I remember making out to The Mars Volta with my first boyfriend in
high school.
M- I was in 6th grade, so we were listening to the Space Jam soundtrack.

Would you prefer to have the ability of flight or invisibility?
L- Flight! Who needs to feel more invisible? AM I RIGHT?
M- flight.

What are you listening to in preparation for summer?
M- I just got really into this band Thinking Fellers Union Local 282. They are a 90’s band from San Francisco. And the new Gang Gang Dance!
L- A few weeks ago, when I was making the balloon art for Jason’s birthday, I listened to some Aretha Franklin Gold. That got me really pumped.

Until next week!

Thursday, May 19, 2011


$45 gets you this great workshop, teaching you the basics of silkscreening shirts and posters + 1 month's worth of 7 day a week access to our studio to create your very own goodies. Email us at or stop in to reserve your spot!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Orca Team and More this Saturday at Cairo!

We may only have one show on the books for this weekend, but it's a good one. Reliably uplifting retro-pop revivalists Orca Team will be in town, having trekked up from their native Portland with their vintage gear in tow. Have a listen to the trio performing some of their winning material below. If you're not a fan now, you will be after Saturday night!

Joining Orca Team will be local noisemakers So Pitted and Coke Candy, a new side project spinning out of the young rawk band Read. Think: adolescent lo-fi racket. It's good stuff.

Saturday's show starts at 8 pm, admission is the usual $5, and it is, of course, all-ages. RSVP to this show on Facebook today.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Irony Ends Tonight 5/13/11

Weekend concert update: good news/bad news edition.

The good news: tonight, Cairo's bringing you an amazing show, featuring local dance-punks Footwork and Stickers (read about them here and here) and LA's resident mad scientist of musical potpourri, Captain Ahab, whose new album The End of Irony dropped last month (that's Brian Miller of Foot Village and Back to the Future the Ride with the, ah, umbilical cord there). Doors are at 8 pm, and admission is $5 but the vibes are going to be free, you feel me?

The bad news: tomorrow night's scheduled show with Wet Hair, Same Species, and U has sadly been scrapped due to an injury and tour cancellation. Our apologies to everyone who was looking forward to that show, it would surely have been amazing.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Mysterious Skins

Ever gone to jail with your best friend?

Such is the life of local street artists No Touching Ground and NKO , who spray and paste the (mostly) blank walls of our city. Guaranteed you have seen their craft before, whether at one of their many gallery exhibitions around Seattle, at the Vera Project , or just walking past
ValVil on the hill.

For obvious reasons, NTG and NKO wanted to remain anonymous in the photos, so we dressed them up like banditos and Bedouins for their shoot. I didn't have to do much: these guys knew what looked gooood.

Make sure to check out those links of NTG and NKO's work. It's fucking awesome.

Also, we are getting rid of the slideshow. The software was too sassy.

Click HERE to see the
rest of the boys' photoshoot.

What is your sign?
NTG- I’m a Pisces… on the cusp I think.
NKO- I am a Taurus.

What is your spirit animal?
NTG- Probably a coyote.
NKO- Definitely a dolphin.

How did you two meet?
NKO- We both lived in these artist lofts on 3rd and Jackson…
NTG- Yeah, we all got evicted.

What is the best city in the world for street art?
NTG- There are so many great places. NYC is sort of an originator, but cities like Sao
Paolo are amazing too, it’s like an inheritor of New York’s style with a lot of outside
NKO- Yeah, Seattle and Portland are probably the worst. Eastern European cities are
good right now, just because their culture doesn’t hate graffiti yet.

What other artists do you find most inspirational?
NTG- NKO is my most influential artist. But I like (German artist) Anselm Kiefer
a lot. Also everyone in the Free Sheep Foundation and Implied Violence
NKO- Definitely Implied Violence and NTG, but I don’t really pay any attention to
modern art.

Who are your favorite local musicians at the moment?
NTG- I would say The Dead Science. Also Specswizard and Truckasaurus.
NKO- Truckasaurus. Plus this new band called Scape, I guess you’d call them stoner

What is your favorite medium to work with?
NTG- I probably use paper, water color, and adhesive the most.
NKO- Just spray paint and marsh ink for me.

Have you ever gotten caught?
NKO- Yep. Occasionally you have to go to jail.
NTG- Whenever you’re doing something looked down upon, you’re going to have some
run-ins… and do some running…

Friday, May 6, 2011

John Travolta Super Group! Starring Jamey & Nate.

This week’s fashion gurus come in a pair: recently engaged Seattle power couple Jamey Braden and Nate Mooter. I had the pleasure of spending some quality time Saturday with Jamey (Wet Paint DMM) and Nate (The Lashes, Strong Killings) getting the scoop on their favorite things (other than each other), and a few wedding deets. (“We’re getting married at All Pilgrim’s Church. You know, the one with the rainbow banner on Broadway?”)

During the photo shoot, Jamey put her acting skills to work (she sometimes performs under the name C.R.O.N.E.) easing her man’s nerves, ultimately making him laugh throughout their entire set. They were excited about the future chins of their children, making light of their matching northern butts (check out the pic).

It should also be noted that all that raspberry blowing got spittle on the camera! Thanks guys! But seriously, you guys are the coolest. Especially in a Marilyn Monroe silk shirt.

*All fashions can be found at Cairo, except, unfortunately, Jamie’s super-awesome saddle shoes.

*see more photos here:

What is your sign?
j- I’m a Scorpio.
n- Pisces.

What is your spirit animal?
j- Let me think about this for a while… there are animals that I feel
mystical about. Wild horses. I wasn't a “horse girl” growing up, but I
feel very mystical about them now.
n- I have kind of been obsessed with slugs for a while… I have had a
few very nice moments with slugs.

What are some of your other musical projects in Washington?
n- I’ve been in a lot… American Zero, Rockness Monsters, The Dobbs, Kay Kay
and His Weathered Underground…
j- I was in a band with Darin Shuler that was called Ian Shuler. That's his brother. There was a house band that did one performance, we were called The Bible. There is also a music project in the works, but I can’t talk about that yet…

Where do you think the sexiest accent comes from?
j- I like New Jersey.
n- Any accent. They are all sexy.

What was the last book you read?
j- King Kong Theory by this badass french feminist. (Virginie Despentes)
n- Mountains Beyond Mountains by Tracy Kidder.

How did you two meet?
j- Haha, I was bossing him around at a fashion show at Atlas when I worked
there. He was modeling for Ruffeo Hearts Lil’ Snotty.
n- You were bossing everyone around that evening. Very sexy.

Who takes more time to get ready?
j- me? You? Sometimes it's equal.

What are your current favorite Seattle Bands?
j- I like U. I love FOOTWORK.
n- I like Butts. And Thee Satisfaction.
j- I love Butts… oh and Partman Parthorse.

What is your favorite thing about each other?
n- I really like your eyes.
j- Are we doing physical characteristics? Nate is a babe! He has a
sexy John Travolta butt-chin. But another thing I really love about Nate
and I is our comfortableness with each other. We are able to be both
masculine and feminine.

What was your worst fashion decision from your awkward phase?
j- I used to bleach my mustache. I let that one fly (Nate laughts). Also I used to buy
a lot of clothes from Rave.
n- I used to have those really wide red suspenders that tucked into
these second hand stone-washed Levis. I used to wear lots of hammer pants (cringes).

If you could have anyone marry you two, who would it be?
j- David Byrne. In the suit. Rodney Dangerfield is a close second.
n- (just laughs) um…ooh Patti Smith!


Thursday, May 5, 2011

Cairo Digital Mixtape #02 is Online Now

Cairo's second-ever digital mixtape is now online. This epic mix was compiled by Cairo honcho Joel Leshefka and spans a broad array of genres and eras. "New Age Terrence Malick Weekend" is, incidentally, also the name of one of Cairo's most underrated and psychedelic t-shirt designs (I'm wearing mine right now! There's still some on sale at Cairo and 20 Twenty). "Side A" and "Side B" of this mixtape are embedded below, and are freely download-able. Track 4 of Side A is from the brand new Flexions record, and you're hearing it here first. Stay tuned to Cairo for more brand new digital mixes in coming weeks.

New Age Terrence Malick Weekend Side A by Cairo Seattle

New Age Terrence Malick Weekend Side B by Cairo Seattle

Side A

01. Endless Sleep - Joey Reynolds
02. Go Outside - The Cults
03. Bees - Tanlines
04. Golden Fjord - Flexions
05. Close Your Eyes (U Remix) - U.S.F.
06. It Doesn't Arrive - Emeralds
07. Wires - The Moles
08. Axis Mundi - Magik Markers
09. Lion Tamer - Wet Paint DMM
10. Anything Could Happen - the Clean
11. Branss - U.S.F.
12. Brook Meadows - Rangers

Side B

01. Heave - Gauntlet Hair
02. True Blue - Dirty Beaches
03. Who Are You Trying to Fool - Little Ann
04. Trapdoor- S4LEM
05. Shiver - Grave Babies
06. Beyond Living - Milk Music
07. Pink Moon - Sebadoh
08. In the Garden of the Pharaohs - Wet Hair
09. See Through - Arthur Russell
10. Meds - Stephanie
11. Stand Alone - Pink Military
12. Tame All the Lions - Valet