Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Seascapes by Nicholas Kamuda, Opens Friday Dec. 12th, 7-9 pm


Solo show of Seattle-Based Artist and Designer Nicholas Kamuda

Opening Reception Friday, December 12th, 7-10pm
Show runs to January 25th, 2009

Cairo is honored to present Seascapes, new work by Seattle artist, Nicholas Kamuda. Please join us for the Opening Reception the evening of December 12th, 7-10pm

‘Sea is meeting point between the physical and intangible in both painting and landscape.’

When living in Japan, South of Tokyo, Kamuda would ride his bike to the beach. He liked the physical experience of being by the sea, feeling the rhythm of the sea, and never wanted to live far from it. Drawing the sea is, in essence, a way of communing with the sea and its rhythms. The rhythmic movements in his drawings are variations in splashing and control. For Kamuda, the experience of a highly physical mark-making process opens doors into the complex dynamics of the sea, and establishes a mental familiarity with the properties and surface of the texture of water itself.

The Seacscapes series serve as a vehicle for Kamuda to experience the nature of water through the physical process of familiarization. Through documentation, intimacy, and relationalism, Kamuda creates a moving representation by making use of the very element he seeks to represent.

Kamuda received a BFA in Painting & a BA in East Asian Studies from the Washington University in St. Louis and Waseda University in Tokyo in 2002.