Monday, March 30, 2009

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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Jesse Brown & Aaron Harris, Opens Saturday March 21st, 7-10 pm

ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN, BUT IT PROBABLY WON’T, a two person show of new work by Jesse Brown and Aaron Harris.


OPENING Reception Saturday, March 21st 7-10pm
Show runs through April 26th


Jesse Brown is a multidisciplinary visual artist based in Seattle, Wa.
His work has been exhibited at galleries in Los Angeles, Seattle, Portland, Chicago, New York, Tokyo, Berlin, London and Paris.

Jesse’s work is often an exploration in geometric forms, pattern, shape and repetition which display a very clean, graphic quality. He is known for working in a variety of mediums including drawing, painting, paper sculpture, limited-edition artist books, installation, video and textile works.

In addition to creating work to be shown within the gallery setting, Jesse has also been involved in creating murals and public installations in Seattle, for nearly ten years he worked as the Artistic Director at the Seattle based non-profit Urban Artworks, an organization that creates murals throughout the city with at-risk youth.

Jesse is currently designing a permanent public art installation for one of the Sound Transit LightRail stations in the SODO neighborhood, scheduled to be completed in June 2009.


Aaron Harris is a Seattle based artist, working primarily in painting, drawing, printing and film. His work has been shown in Seattle, Chicago and New York.

Artist Statement: These paintings, unless otherwise noted, take place in or near West Seattle. Scandinavia and Japan are also involved. Some are based on true things that have happened, and for those, I’ve included descriptions in the titles.

You should imagine Whale “sounds” when possible while viewing these paintings.

Some thinking ideas while viewing the paintings are: the internet, stucco walls, salt water, wood saunas, how many people there are in this crazy world, how you feel about what happened to you in your day so far, or what’s happening to you right now, how long or short things have been around, and what they where before they are what they are now, and if you’re around people, you can think about them.

Please refrain from thinking about your boss, your crazy schedule, downward spirals, or pussyfooting around. Remember to enjoy! Yourself.

Please contact Joel Leshefka or Justine Ashbee at this email or for phone conversations, call 206.453.4077.

In addition to the opening at Cairo, Mike de Leon (whose photos can be found in the Cairo print viewer), will be having a going away to NYC/print sale/party at NoSpace, and and and Spike Mafford, whose studio is next to Top Pot Doughnuts, will also be having an opening that very same night. Three great spots, three great shows, one night....see you there