Monday, February 23, 2009

Suspension of Disbelief, a show by Cornish College of the Arts students

Friday Feb. 27th-March 8th, Cairo introduces it's series of INTERLUDES, with a show curated by Mandy Blouin of Cornish College of Arts students in a exhibition entitled Suspension of Disbelief.Opening Friday February 27th 7-10pm

Ben Mast
Justin Lytle
Kelsey Fein
Ryan Fedderson
Matt Holmes
John Ruszel

is a new series of shows lasting nine days. Hosted by Cairo these shorter show will fall between longer six week shows booked throughout the year. INTERLUDES, focuses on younger up and coming artists, and will also be a platform for artists showing later in the schedule to preview works in progress. Look for upcoming INTERLUDES by Heidi Anderson, and Derek Bourcier and Robin Stein (both showing in the September group show at Cairo, entitled "80 and up").

for information on this series please contact Joel Leshefka, or Justine Ashbee at 206.453.4077

Great Weekend of music.

Thanks to all the bands who played, and everyone who made it out this weekend, especially those who helped us create our first sold out show on friday!! who knew we could fit some many people into such a small space....

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Tiny Vipers, PWRFL Power, Generifus, Talbot Tagora, and Love Tan. Friday Feb. 20th and 21st 8 pm.

photo by kyle johnson

ever wish you could see your favorite artists perform in your living room?

well, it's not your living room, but cairo's performance space gives you all the intimacy and comfort of watching a show from home.

no noisy bro's in the back of the bar, no drunk fools elbowing for room.

come out Friday February 20th at 8pm for:

Tiny Vipers


and Saturday February 21st at 8 pm for:

Talbot Tagora
Love Tan