Sunday, April 29, 2012

and the WINNER of the SECOND ANNUAL t-shirt design contest is......

C.M. RUIZ   !!!

You may know Carlos Ruiz as one half of the PROLIFIC & inspired duo of CMRTYZ, or perhaps just that handsome fellow you see around town at shows, or haunting coffee shops.....  EITHER WAY, we are pleased to announce Carlos's truly epic design as the winner of this year's CAIRO T-SHIRT DESIGN CONTEST.

These beauties are now available in-store (open 12-7 daily) in Small, Medium, Large, and XL.  If you live outside of Seattle and would like to special order a TEE, please hit us at, we'd love to send you a package (maybe we'll even include an extra special something!

THANK YOU to everyone who sent in designs, there were many MANY stand-outs, and the process of choosing a winner was made especially hard by the sheer quality of designs submitted!

AND, don't forget to join us May 10th at 7 pm for the official release of Carlos's FUNGI GIRL zine.  Come say hi!  RSVP here, or just show up (either works just great for us).  SEE YOU ON THE 10th!

Sunday, April 22, 2012


Lookbook. By Emily Denton. Music by John Oven

Untitled from Emily Denton on Vimeo.

Come check out our fresh spring jams. Everyday from 12-7pm.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Next Silkscreen Workshop is Tuesday, May 1 at 7 pm

Make your own t-shirts, posters and more! $45 gets you this great workshop, teaching you the basics of silkscreening shirts and posters + 1 month's worth of 7 day a week access to our studio to create your very own goodies. Stop by or email alchemy.of.time (at) to reserve a spot!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Growing up GNR: Marielle Stobie

Cairo is proudly premiering Marielle Stobie's first-ever photography show, titled "Strange Days", on April 12th. 

"2012 has saturated my life with metal music and over-the-topness. This collection is what I've been capturing in those moments." -Marielle Stobie 

 For some context and a little insight into Marielle's work, I interviewed her last week about her memories of learning how to shoot a gun as a child, her all-girl metal bowling team, and moving to LA.

Marielle also dressed herself in some over-the-top Cairo digs, which were of course photographed.

Be sure to come to the opening on APRIL 12, featuring the artist's work, a psychedelic music set by Ozen, and friends a-plenty. See you then!

Here are some photos from our shoot: 

Earrings: Shannon Perry
T-Shirt: Silkscreened at Cairo
 Earrings: Pamela Davis (MuchoDesign)
Clothing/Necklace: Vintage
 Top: Vintage
Gems: Sold at CAIRO!
 Boots: Vintage

Personal Style: Pleather pants and GNR

For more photos, head to Cairo's Tumblr.

The interview: 

 Tell me about "Strange Days", the theme of your newest collection. 
When I was working on the theme for this collection, I was thinking about my photograph of Leatherhorn, and that song ("Strange Days" by The Doors) popped up in my head. That is my favorite piece of the show.  I didn't  want the theme to be too goth or too metal, but that is where a lot the context is. It's definitely a dark show. I wanted to focus on stuff that makes me think, and that puts me in a weird head space. The rest I want the audience to make their own mind up about.

How does the song "Strange Days" encompass the vision you are trying to capture? 
I think it really ties them all together. A lot of the images are pretty random. It's really a reflection of that wintertime feeling. Everyone hibernates and isolates themselves here in Seattle when its cold…It evokes kind of an eeriness in the Northwest. People get strange here. I am not a diehard Doors fan by any means, but I felt that song is really fitting. 
What you inspires to take pictures?
I am really inspired by 1970's photo lookbooks and annuals. Some can be hippie nonsense, but some are really creative.  

Who is someone you would love to work with, locally or otherwise?
I might end up collaborating with artist Peter Short and jeweler Sarah Brown, which would be awesome. I also want to collaborate with illustrators, like Stacey Rozich

Do you have a favorite artist? 
Stylistically, I love Man Ray.  My favorite print artist is MÅ“bius, hands down. And I really like Ryan McGinley for his photographs of those nudes in caves. I might do something like that when I go to LA. 
Do you have a favorite local Seattle band? 
Definitely. It's down to two… they are totally different styles. Night Beats and Black Breath. Oh, and a third! One is party music, one metal band, and for a singer-songwriter, I love Jesse Lortz.  We are just oversaturated with music talent in this city. 
How would you describe your personal style? 
I'm all over the place. I grew up thrifting and getting vintage clothes. My mom used to make my clothes when I was a kid. I've refined it for the most part these days. Beatnik/weird/hippie/metal, I guess. 
Who is your idol? What would you cook them for dinner? 
He's not my idol, but I think it would be funny to make dinner for Kyle Mclaughlin from Twin Peaks. I was watching Dune last night at work and I was thinking about how much of my life he has been a part of. I saw him at a county fair in Yakima. I would cook him a pork flank with polenta and persimmon sauce. 

Where is somewhere you have always wanted to travel to?
I want to go to South America. I want to go to Iceland, too. It's affordable and I really want to check out those hot springs. 
What is one motto you always live by?
Try to keep your cup half full. Do whatever you need to keep yourself inspired, keep yourself grounded. Life is all about perspective. Try to stay optimistic, you know? It's so easy to let yourself get down. 

What is something not too many people know about you?
I am a member of a Hesher metal chick style bowling league. We we play at the AMF on Rainier then get wasted at Montana Bar on the Hill. We all have customized denim jackets with leather. It's awesome. 

You're moving soon! How come?  
I think I've been resting on my laurels a little too long in Seattle.  I think could get more work down in LA. Seattle is awesome, and I feel like I can do any project for no money. I have a great portfolio because of friends who have modeled for me, or lent me gear.  But… I need some sunshine! I was thinking about living on Venice Beach. I never been a beach girl. 

Marielle's show will be on display at CAIRO from April 12th to May 7th. Come check it out!