Monday, February 21, 2011

CAIRO presents Wild Nothing, Abe Vigoda & M. Women, Sunday the 27th at The Vera Project

Just a reminder about the Abe Vigoda, Wild Nothing, and M. Women show originally at Cairo, now sponsored by Cairo but at the Vera Project. Show is This Sunday, at 8 pm! We will be down there of course, with some special LIMITED EDITION t-shirts for the show, designed by the wonderful Beth Corry.

All tickets purchased at Cairo will be honored, just bring your I.D. to verify all you info at Will Call.


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Poster for Saturday's Show is the Stranger's "Poster of the Week"

Props to our pal Dale Metteer, who's design for Saturday's Cairo concert with King Dude, PWRFL Power, Fables, and Posse is the Stranger's "Poster of the Week!" It certainly is a sharp design.

"Sometimes—sometimes—it's great to come across a poster image that makes you unsure of just what exactly you're looking at. This photo collage by Dale Metteer is an excellent example, drawing you into its strange little world."

Monday, February 14, 2011

Who are Footwork?

This Friday, there's a great show going down at Cairo with Weed, Mega Bog, and Secret Colors that doubles as the Seattle debut of new trio Footwork. Just who are Footwork, anyway?
Footwork is a local trio comprised of Taylor Wingett (Secondary), Myke Pelly (Haunted Horses), and James Scheall (Wet Paint DMM, Half Gift). Their sound is—perhaps unsurprisingly—not unlike a weird, mutant hybrid of Haunted Horses’ grand guignol and Wet Paint DMM’s singularly clanging brutality. The bass and guitar shriek, stab, and throb with the distorted angularity of German Expressionism, and Pelly’s thunderous jungle drumming rolls and rattles throughout the band’s rapidly-shifting song structures with positively tidal force.

We're really looking forward to seeing these guys live. So should you! To RSVP to the event, click here.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Another Show Review: Friday's Megabats, Hair and Space Museum, and High Wolf show

The Stranger's Dave Segal had some nice things to say today about Friday's night's psychedelic showcase featuring local bands Megabats, Midday Veil side project Hair and Space Museum, and enigmatic French jammer High Wolf:

"High Wolf only did three pieces in 30 minutes (I greedily wanted at least three hours), but they filled the tiny space with strange radiances and rhythmic undulations. The whole thing—mesmerizing hand percussion loops, guttural utterances garbled into alien textures, wah-wah’d and flanged guitar humidity, and Chambers’ Univox and Juno-60 keyboard coloration—was made up on the spot by two guys who’d never met before. Though frustratingly short, the performance thoroughly entranced."

Read his full review on Line Out. This weekend's shows were both momentous, in volume and in quality.

Purple and Green Show Review

There's already a review of last night's performance by Purple and Green (aka Adam Forkner/White Rainbow and Justin Green) online at the Seattle Weekly's "Reverb" blog.

Eric Grandy writes:
"J Green stood to his side, mic in hand, singing and doing dance moves seductive enough to move an art gallery full of stiff-limbed indie kids into hands-in-the-air revelry...
Forkner played keys, triggered the rhythm tracks, and manipulated J Green's vocals, adding delay or looping samples on the fly. At the set's peaks, he would send the songs into an almost-screaming psychedelic pitch, synths ping-ponging between speakers, noise and feedback and delay swelling ecstatically."

You can read his full review here. Last night's show was a special one--maybe the loudest ever at Cairo, with TWO PA systems on full blast and an impeccable mix by Brain Fruit's Jon Carr. We will update as/if more reviews/photos/videos come in.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Some Photos from Saturday Night

Thanks to Sam for sending these in our direction. Please remember to hit us up with photos and video from the shows--we would love to post them here whenever possible.

Half Gift

Grave Babies

Psychic Feline

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

This Just In: Panabrite to Join High Wolf for Friday's Show

Friday's sure-to-be-awesome concert with High Wolf, Hair and Space Museum (members of Midday Veil), and Megabats will also feature local synth guru Norm Chambers aka Panabrite. Panabrite's put out some great material on local cassette label Gift Tapes, as well as way-cool imprints like Bum Tapes and Digitalis (who released his stunning, hypnotic Contemplating the Observatory).

Chambers will be contributing to High Wolf's must-see set, adding some local flavor and far-out synth textures. High Wolf operates behind a nigh-impenetrable veil of mystery, so it's remarkable word about this guest appearance was able to get out.

Gift Tapes founder Jason Anderson has described Panabrite's music as a "submerged journey toward a glowing pearl," and said of a recent live set that Chambers "[created] some truly vintage new age scores to a fantasy landscape degraded on VHS.”

The Road Goes Ever On echoed this sentiment, saying Panabrite "makes electronic music that could score 1970’s National Geographic films of coral reefs and deep sea exploration."

This is great news, and if you'd like to hear some of Panabrite's trippy sounds for yourself, Contemplating the Observatory is available as a free download from this link. We look forward to seeing everyone on Friday--it's going to be a mind-expanding experience.