Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Tiny Vipers, PWRFL Power, Generifus, Talbot Tagora, and Love Tan. Friday Feb. 20th and 21st 8 pm.

photo by kyle johnson

ever wish you could see your favorite artists perform in your living room?

well, it's not your living room, but cairo's performance space gives you all the intimacy and comfort of watching a show from home.

no noisy bro's in the back of the bar, no drunk fools elbowing for room.

come out Friday February 20th at 8pm for:

Tiny Vipers


and Saturday February 21st at 8 pm for:

Talbot Tagora
Love Tan


1 comment:

whitney said...

I've never liked birthdays, however, I have this warm feeling that this could be a good one.