Sunday, September 20, 2009

9/26 & 9/27 Ten Years of Poster design, by Nat Damm. A two day special event hosted by Cairo

Please join us this Saturday from 6-10 pm for ten years of poster design by Seattle artist, Nat Damm. show will also open Sunday September 27th from 12-6 pm. For more information about the show and artist:

Nat Damm

The poster show will feature OVER 100 11x17 street posters and heaps of silk screened posters from over the past ten years. We're talking old school folks, posters from The Sit & Spin, Graceland, I-Spy, The Breakroom, Vera and The Paradox. There will of course be work from Neumos, El Corazon, The Crocodile, The Showbox, Chop Suey, not mention venues from all over the country. As if it couldn't get any better he'll be unveiling several large and in charge life size silk screens of drum sets as well. Friends of Nat will also know that where Nat goes, beer is. Bring friends.

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Aisleigh said...

Great Poster design. very inspiring designs. Good combination of colors.