Friday, October 15, 2010

EXPO 88 combo deals

Combo deals to make your EXPO experience more pleasureful and lasting

Admission is $10 day/ $15 for the weekend

the "Little Pharoah"

get's you one days admission, the COLD JUNGLE a cairo compilation on vinyl (comes out today!) and your choice of tape/cd, all for $20

the "Golden Eye"

gettin' deep, one days admission, COLD JUNGLE vinyl, tape/cd, and an EXPO 88 silkscreened t-shirt for $30

"King Tut's Special"

sittin' in style, all weekend long pass, COLD JUNGLE vinyl, tape/cd, EXPO 88 tee, and EXPO tote bag, all for only $40

the "Mothership"

take all these fine things back to your home planet: weekend admission, COLD JUNGLE vinyl and choice of tape/cd, EXPO 88 tee, EXPO tote bag, and silkscreened EXPO 88 poster, $45 mars bars

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