Monday, January 31, 2011

UPDATE: Abe Vigoda, Wild Nothing show moves to Vera


First the bad news: the Abe Vigoda, Wild Nothing & M. Women show at Cairo is sold out.

Now the good news: due to overwhelming interest (rabid really) for this show, and the relative limitations of Cairo's geography, the Bands, Cairo & and the Vera Project have teamed up to make this show three times larger, by moving it to the Vera Project.

We know you are sad that you won't be swapping sweat and secret glances with the bands at Cairo, where everyone is on stage, but we also know you'll be stoked to learn that your pals without tickets can still go, since Vera can offer a much larger capacity.

We are bummed. How often do you get to see two bands THIS big play in a space no larger than your living room? Not very often. Cairo has always been about promoting Seattle, though, and we'll continue to make decisions based on what's best for Seattle, the bands that play here, and the fans that want to see them play. In this case, it was obvious that more—MANY MORE—people wanted to see these three bands than we'd be able to accommodate, and where better to move it to than Vera, the reigning grand-daddy of all-ages music venues in the Seattle area.


1. "I've already purchased a ticket for the show at Cairo, WTF?" Whoa, easy...we will be handing the Will Call sheet over to Vera, and your ticket(s) will be honored. Just show up with your ID, and let them know you purchased tickets through Cairo.

2. "I live in the basement of Cairo, and that's why I wanted to see the show there, can I get my money back, WTF?" Yes, totally, though you'd be an idiot to not see this show. Come into Cairo before Feb. 26th and we'll give you your money back.

3. "Will this happen to future Cairo shows? How do I know you won't move the next show, WTF?" This is the first time we've ever sold advance tickets, so in the future if you show up for an event the night of, and there is a note on the door stating "We've moved the Stephanie/Secret Colors/U show to the Paramount Theater," then you'll know we've done it again.

4. "I live in the basement of Cairo, and I haven't gotten my ticket yet, but I was excited to get my ticket at Cairo cause it's just upstairs, can I still buy my ticket for the Abe Vigoda & Wild Nothing show, now sponsored by Cairo, at The Vera Project, while I'm at Cairo, WTF?" Yes, we will still sell tickets for this event, as it is a Cairo sponsored show being held at the Vera Project. You can of course buy tickets directly through the Vera Project starting Tuesday, February 1st at HERE.

Any other lingering questions can be sent directly to our booking intern, Ian Judd, at His favorite color is blue, and he recently fell in love with a dolphin pillow case he found at the bins. Thanks.

-Cairo L.L.C.

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