Sunday, August 21, 2011

Our Friends are Expats! CB & Angela.

Oh no! The time has come for us to say goodbye to our very dear friends and Seattle stars Christopher Brown and Angela Engbrecht. Very soon they will be returning to Hong Kong for more adventures in the Far East, after a summer of friends, music and river rafting in the PNW.
I was lucky enough to get to interview this gorgeous couple and watch them (Angela) strut their stuff in front of the camera. CB was very supportive; providing the occasional "work it, girl!" and "don't I have the sexiest girlfriend?!" while Angela did her thing. (Might I add that they shared the dressing room?)
We chatted about their experiences in Hong Kong, the bummer smoothies sold on Broadway, and how happy they were to be back in Seattle again. What else can I say about these two? They are lovely, and Seattle is waiting with bated breath for them to return for good. We love you guys!

Here are some questions I asked them:
What is your present state of mind?
CB- I don't think I ever know the answer to that question. Occupied.
A- In love with Seattle!

What is one natural talent you wish you had?
CB- I think I want to be more mechanically inclined. I want to know how things work. I'm a great problem solver though. Like, I can figure how your car is going to get fixed in half an hour, just not by me.
A- I wish I was more musically inclined. That's kind of my goal for next year: to wet my feet in the music scene in Hong Kong, because it doesn't really exist there.

What is the music scene like in China?
A- Haha, there is not much of a DIY scene in Hong Kong. People are really into materialism there, so things have value because other people have given it value... so there isn't very much original music there, but a lot of cover bands!

What is a quality you desire in a partner?
CB- The ability to be self-sustaining.
A- Hands down, integrity.
CB- Wait, can I say that too?! Integrity.

While you were away, what did you miss the most? What were you most excited to see again?
A- Friends of course...but definitely live music.
CB- That's exactly what I wanted to see too. And fresh air. Nice, clean, Pacific Northwest air.

What was the best food you discovered in Hong Kong?
CB- DUMPLINGS. Kimchi and pork dumplings.
A- I went through a few phases but on Cheung Chau they make fishballs on a stick… I know it sounds unappetizing but it's really good on a hot day. (!)

Tell me a joke, please.
CB- Oh I got one for you.
What's the different between toilet paper and a bath towel?
You don't know? Don't come to my house.
A- Okay, this is one of the first jokes CB ever told me.
How do you titillate an oscillate?
Oscillate its tits a lot.

If you were hosting a dinner party together, what 5 guests would you invite?
CB & A- Steven Wright, Jim Henson, Angela's deceased maternal grandmother (as a young woman), CB's little brother, and Raymond Scott.

What is your favorite current local band?
CB- That is the meanest question ever.

What is your favorite quality of the Seattle music scene?
A- It feels really earnest to me. Everyone loves what they are doing and that's why they do it.
CB- All the bands are handmade… each band does their own thing because they really want to, and they are really good at it.

Who, in your opinion, are the best drummers in Seattle?
CB- Tyler Swan of Flexions/Truckasaurus, Myke Pelly of Haunted Horses and Footwork, Carrie Schaff of M Women, Robert Wolfe of...several bands. Basically any drummer that i'm friends with. I like to watch my friends play drums.

What is one thing that you two love to do together?
CB- Other than smooching?
A- We like to make breakfast together. We are professional unpaid breakfast extraordinaires.

How did you two meet?
A- I brought vegan cookies to HTFC and he's been in love with me ever since.
CB- I asked her on a date after we danced all night at the old Pony, too.

What sandwich most represents your personality?
A- Hmm... something really fresh but with a really overwhelming ingredient. A pastrami sandwich with sauerkraut and mustard and a pickle.
CB- Oh shit! My favorite sandwich represents my personality: rye bread, brown mustard, red apple slices, tuna, lettuce, brie, smoked gouda, and tomato. A little bit of everything, makin' one good thing. Not to be totally cocky, but that's me.

Too true CB, too true.

If you want to see more photos from their afternoon at Cairo, check out our new Tumblr!

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