Sunday, October 9, 2011

Little City, Big Giraffe.

Did you notice the giraffe on the cover of City Arts this week?
That's the one and only Sierra Stinson, curator and mastermind behind Vignettes , which Sierra describes as "a one-night exhibition space featuring various artists, that I hold every two weeks in my apartment".
Chances are you have happened upon one of her gallery nights in the Capitol Apartments...the last one I went to featured several pounds of (strawberry?) melting ice cream and about thirty people ousted to the corners of the studio.
In other words, it was fucking COOL.
Sierra is also spearheading the visual arts program for City Arts Festival this year...Happy hour!

Want to see more photos of the lovely Sierra? Take a look at our Tumblr!

What are some of your ideas/inspirations behind Vignettes?
I went to a lot of apartment galleries and pop-up spaces in Glasgow and Berlin. It has been going on all over the nation, but has only become more popular in Seattle recently, with organizations like Free Sheep.

How have you noticed the recession has affected the local artist community? How has it affected Vignettes?
Vignettes is a response to the current climate. No matter what - artists will continue to create and need venues to exhibit. They will just have to find affordable means to do so.

How do you pick artists you choose to feature?
I select them mostly by the people I see around city, through the community, research, studio visits. It began with people I knew, and now it's expanding.

Do you have a favorite local musician?
Yes, Jherek Bishoff and Tiny Vipers.

What are 5 things you always carry with you?
I should (but don't) always carry corkscrew, a camera, a pen, a snack (usually fruit), and various scraps of paper.

What do you wake up to?
Waking Graham up for his job again and again then reading emails.

Do you have a preferred roasterie?
Oh, I don't drink coffee.

Who would star as you in a movie about your life?
Hmm, a total unknown.

Who were you in highschool?
I was a theater major… we did like 4 hours of theater a day. I realized then that I didn't want to be around thespians anymore.

Are you an artist?
Curating is definitely my focus at the moment. Enabling is my medium.

What was your biggest fashion faux pas from childhood?
I wore backwards hats during my tomboy phase.

What current style will you just not accept?
There are probably too many. I just will never get behind Crocs. They should stay in the garden.

Who are 3 people you would invite to dinner?
I would invite Roald Dahl, Jim Henson and Sophie Calle… she is the kind of person that would cook you a meal that was all one color.

What are you most excited about right now?
Being unemployed, StateVPan, City Arts Festival, Walden Three, the unknown and taking a trip to the Grand Canyon this November.

Trying to go to the next Vignettes? Look no further than October 13th, for Mittwit!