Thursday, February 23, 2012

Band Practice: Half Gift!

Yet another reason to love the Chophouse: Half Gift are BACK. After a year's hiatus from playing shows, they are back on the bandwagon as a three piece: Drummer Jessica (formerly of Eel Eater), guitarist James (of Footwork), and bassist Sam Pease. The band has been practicing nonstop--and has totally revamped their sound. Once snowpocalypse-induced cabin fever got the best of me a few weeks ago, I trekked to the Chophouse and discovered what a Half Gift band practice really looks like: 
God's Eyes
Drum Kit= Step Ladder? 
Drum Kit \ne \!\, Step Ladder.
Half (re)Gift 

So what is the last song they would listen to before the end of the world 2012? 
Jessica--"Killing In The Name Of" by Rage Against the Machine
James--"My Ship Is Coming In" by The Walker Brothers
Sam--"Decades" by Joy Division

ALSO...are playing their [second] DEBUT at CAIRO this Saturday Feb 25th, with DREAMSALON, and The Feeling of Love. HELL YES I'LL SEE YOU THERE.

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