Thursday, November 15, 2012



Read Max & Graham's interview and come prepared to WRASTLE!

The Interview: 

1. In a sentence or 2, please introduce yourself (as Max & Graham) and your style of art. 
G: Hi, I'm Graham. We do stuff and make stuff. 
M: I'm Max. We do stuff and make stuff.

2. Where do most of your ideas for pieces come from?
G: Explosions, white chicks, pot, maguffins, youtube videos with like 45 views, bulk items, porches, UFO abductees, Luminas, celebrity cardboard cut outs. 
M: VHS, cults, long nights, tool dip, stone texture. Chains of thoughts. We steal a lot of stuff from other people and then accuse them of stealing it from us.

3. What is "Wrastle"? How should the audience come prepared? 
G: Take some shots before you come. Wear tight clothes and if you own a mouth guard bring it. 
M: Wrastle is a chance to experience something a lot of people either never experienced or haven't for a long time, and that is the experience of ruff-housin with somebody in your living room. This isn't backyard wrestling or sport wrestling, this is like your brother beating you up for no reason and man it's fun. We wanted to make an experience rather than a static image, and also I love wrastling.

4. What is the best prank you have pulled off (individually and together)? 
G: Recently we hung a note on our buddy Goodman's door that just said we were really sorry. We didn't actually do anything but he was furious about it and demanded to know what we had done. He then threatened to set me on fire. We all had a pretty good laugh though. 
M: We hid a dildo above the door to our roommates room and her mom walked in and it hit her mom on the head with the dildo.

5. What is your most played song of 2012? 
G: Monster Mash.
M: Monster Mash. But it's quickly becoming Y'all Ready For This.


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NICE opening i think is the opportunity for talented guys its good step.
Its look like you are doing so much of R&D for these blog, I really appreciate you very much.