Thursday, January 10, 2013

Interview with January Artist(s): Intruder Comics

Heya Folks! Tomorrow is the opening of Friends, the January exhibition at Cairo, featuring work by artists of Intruder Comics.

I was able to get a short interview with most of the folks exhibiting--keep reading to get a feel for each of the artist's style, then come tomorrow to see their work in person!

Marc J Palm
What is your preferred medium: pencil and pen
What is your preferred subject: creatures, female bodies, genitalia, fictional biology, Muppets
What is your favorite comic series of all time: FRANK
Do you have a comic artist/cartoonist idol: Moebius 
What is your favorite drawing co-activity: coffee at a cafe, music, mary jane, and friends

Tim Miller
Preferred medium: markers
Preferred Subject: motorsports
Current favorite comic series: Robotech
Cartoonist idol: Keith Haring
Favorite drawing co-activity: good whiskey in a glass+cheap beer in a can+potato chips in a bowl+8 tracks on the stereo

Billis Helg
Preferred medium: nib and ink
Preferred subject: friendlings

Favorite comic series: Peanuts
Comic Artist/Cartoonist Idol: Edward Gorey
Favorite drawing co-activity: music or docs or snacktime

Max Clotfelter
Preferred subject: "hard-gore gutter fiction"
Favorite series: Real Stuff
Comic idol: John Porcellino

Ben Horak
Preferred Medium: pencil and ink
Preferred Subject: Violent Laff-Riots!
Favorite comic series: Trailer Trash
Cartoonist Idol: Ernie Bushmiller
Drawing Activity: music, coffee & good pals

Jason T Miles
Preferred medium: clairvoyance
Preferred subject: experience
Favorite comic series: Love & Rockets
Comic artist/cartoonist idol: Captain America
Favorite drawing co-activity: silence

James Stanton
Preferred Medium: Wet black pens on smooth white paper
Preffered Subject: Monsters
Favorite Series: Calvin and Hobbes
Favorite Drawing Co-Activity: coffee, hip-hop, late nights and jazz cigarettes

Tom Van Deusen
Preferred Medium: Brush and ink and watercolor if I have the opportunity to work in color.
Preferred Subject: Dating, sex, white male privilege
Favorite Series: Love & Rockets
Comic artist/Cartoonist Idol: Harvey Pekar
Favorite drawing co-activity: Julie Klausner or Best Show on WFMU podcasts, pussy cat on my lap and a 'lil vino.

Alexa Kristine Koenings

Preferred medium: Whichever that conveys my story in the most successful way
Preferred subject: Cute that turns gory
Favorite series: Epileptic by David B.
Comic artist/cartoonist idol: No
Favorite drawing co-activity: Currently, listening to Townes Van Sandt

Tony Ong
Preferred medium: Pencil, Photoshop
Preferred subject: Typography
Favorite series: Black Hole
Comic artist/cartoonist idol: Moebius
Favorite drawing co-activity: Coffee and music

Aidan Fitzgerald
Preferred medium: Anything on hand
Preferred Subject: Density
Favorite series: Dal Tokyo
HwComic artist/cartoonist idol : Gary Panter
Favorite drawing co-activity: The Fall, Yo La Tengo, Duke Ellington on repeat

See you tomorrow, Friday Jan 11th, from 7-9 PM!

507 E Mercer 
Seattle, WA

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