Monday, October 7, 2013

Summer BLUEZZZ brings FALL reign

TIS WITH HEAVY HEART that we must announce the closure of our silkscreening studio to the public.  For the past 3 years we've been teaching folks of all ages the in's and out's of one of the simplest/accessible art forms known to humans...

This announcement comes after some careful consideration and much discussion, but ultimately the cost of running an open studio (replacing equipment due to constant use), when coupled with our own need of the space to satisfy our GROWING wholesale business, left us with no choice.

Individuals looking to use an open studio should look no further than the Vera Project, who were doing it long before us, and will be doing it long past the rest of em ... More info HERE.

In addition, this transition allows us to take on projects for hire, something we've been getting contacted about with greater and greater frequency.  For pricing and more information about getting high quality tees printed for you band, store, restaurant, chess club, prison camp, rodeo, or taco shack, please email us directly at

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