Sunday, February 6, 2011

Purple and Green Show Review

There's already a review of last night's performance by Purple and Green (aka Adam Forkner/White Rainbow and Justin Green) online at the Seattle Weekly's "Reverb" blog.

Eric Grandy writes:
"J Green stood to his side, mic in hand, singing and doing dance moves seductive enough to move an art gallery full of stiff-limbed indie kids into hands-in-the-air revelry...
Forkner played keys, triggered the rhythm tracks, and manipulated J Green's vocals, adding delay or looping samples on the fly. At the set's peaks, he would send the songs into an almost-screaming psychedelic pitch, synths ping-ponging between speakers, noise and feedback and delay swelling ecstatically."

You can read his full review here. Last night's show was a special one--maybe the loudest ever at Cairo, with TWO PA systems on full blast and an impeccable mix by Brain Fruit's Jon Carr. We will update as/if more reviews/photos/videos come in.

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