Sunday, February 6, 2011

Another Show Review: Friday's Megabats, Hair and Space Museum, and High Wolf show

The Stranger's Dave Segal had some nice things to say today about Friday's night's psychedelic showcase featuring local bands Megabats, Midday Veil side project Hair and Space Museum, and enigmatic French jammer High Wolf:

"High Wolf only did three pieces in 30 minutes (I greedily wanted at least three hours), but they filled the tiny space with strange radiances and rhythmic undulations. The whole thing—mesmerizing hand percussion loops, guttural utterances garbled into alien textures, wah-wah’d and flanged guitar humidity, and Chambers’ Univox and Juno-60 keyboard coloration—was made up on the spot by two guys who’d never met before. Though frustratingly short, the performance thoroughly entranced."

Read his full review on Line Out. This weekend's shows were both momentous, in volume and in quality.

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