Sunday, September 25, 2011

In the Pen with Great Spiders.

So what's it like having a conversation with Great Spiders' Omar Schambacher?
Here's a tip... the responses you receive sound something like:
"Well, I'm very passionate about the sonic realm, meaning and universal symmetry of music. It's the superficiality in the music world that I am complicit in that I struggle with. I feel as though we are all teetering on existential crises."
So basically, it's fucking AWESOME having a conversation with Omar.
This guy can talk...about pretty much anything you want. Rodeos? Check. Aliens? Check. Socks with sandals? No problem.

Read our interview to find out more wacky shit about Omar, and check out some more photos on our Tumblr to see his fascinating fashion choices.

Do you believe in aliens?

Ever seen a UFO?
As far as something I couldn't identify in the sky? Sure.

Which do you think is more fascinating--earth or space?
It's just a matter of taste. Personally I think they are both very fascinating.

What are 5 bands you have been listening to lately?
I will always listen to Guns N' Roses like its scripture. Thats my primo shit. Ever since I was ten. For music, melody and interval appeal to me instead of time periods. I listen to pop music mostly. I believe there are two kinds of pop songs: catchy and beautiful, and catchy and awful. I'm also way into "CD chic", if you will.

What was your first CD?
The American Tail soundtrack and Madonna's True Blue. I like that one the best.

What, in your opinion, is best thing to complain about?
The best thing is the environment probably. It's the only thing that matters any more really. Environmentalism is the new racism. We are so environmentally reckless.

Who are some musicians that inspired you?
Well, I started out as a guitar player, so all the old blues guys. A lot of K Records stuff like Calvin Johnson. Also Alan Jackson and Marilyn Mansion--that's actually true.

Is there anyone you would really like to perform with?
Beck. I have dreams about it. Because he's the best.

Do you have a favorite animal?
I like squirrels.

Growing up, did you have the coolest name out of your friends?
I thought my name sucked when I was young. Now I guess its nice to be distinguished. It's not like a "John" or whatever. Well, unless I was in Dubai.

Did you have a pet growing up?
I had some guinea pigs and a parrot.

What do you do with your spare time?
Worry--about myself, and about people I'm close to. And animals and nature. Also, as a covert political crusade, I like to pose in the neo-tea party phenomenon. I go on TeaBag websites. I have several different personalities to create dissent or wax truth within the over-materialistic faction of the American demographic.
(**Note: I had to have Omar repeat that one a few times.)

What beverage best describes you?
Water--we're all made of water. I have ingested my fair share of crap, but I aspire to be solely a water drinker.

What is the worst job you've ever had?
Delivering food for an Indian restaurant: within 3 weeks I got punched in the face and 5 traffic tickets.
I was also a commercial fisherman in Alaska. That was definitely the hardest job I've ever had.

Were you born in a hospital?
No. I was born at home. And I'm uncircumcised.

Where are you from?
I lived near Neverland Ranch. I lived in Europe for a little while, too. I'm originally from Ellensburg. I'm not really into it but you can certainly get cool knick-knacky stuff there. I grew up with the rodeo.

Oh yeah? Tell me about rodeos.
It's sheer abuse. I saw a heifer get a broken leg once.
You see, my stepdad is a truck driver. He turned me on to ZZ TOP, and going to the stockyard. I once fell into a big pool of shit at the stockyard. I thought it was solid ground... but it went up to my chin. My step dad just laughed at me.

According to Omar, each of us is teetering on existential crises. In that case, let's all do it together! Great Spiders will be playing at Cairo with Seapony and ORCA TEAM on OCTOBER 7th. Come get weird.

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