Thursday, September 8, 2011

Stripping Down with ORCA TEAM

What's black, white, and pop all over?
Leif Anders and his band of babes is what.
ORCA TEAM, who has recently relocated from Portland to Seattle, came in for a band photoshoot recently and I asked to do an interview. Turns out they have a soft spot for horror movies and all things 1950's. Oh, and taking their clothes off.
Note the special guest appearance by Peter Lowe and some serious Psychic Feline product placement...way to be subtle.

Here are some cool photos of this fashion-backward band.

Care to see more photos? Look no further than here.

And here are some cool questions:

Where do you hide your diary?
L- Right here in my bag.
J- In between my mattress and my box spring.
D- I don't hide it, I leave it out in the open.

What is your staple article of clothing?
L-My bowtie.
D- My jeans. Levi 511's.
J- My black pencil skirt… I have a few.

What is your worst fashion faux pas that you can remember?
L- I wore sweat pants and velcro until I was in 4th grade…Is that bad enough?
J- I had three different pairs of overalls.
D- I wore ribbed baggy knee jeans, New Balance sneakers and a tight Fox racing T-shirt. Even f it was functional, it was 8 years late.

What is something Portland does better than Seattle?
L-There are better food options for vegans.
D-Yeah, and better nightlife and coffee.
J- I think the scene feels really supportive. Everyone is really close in Portland.

Can you remember the best show you saw in Seattle?
L- It's going to be something really embarrassing… But I saw Shoplifting open up for the Yeah Yeah Yeah's in 2004.
D- I saw Regina Spektor and Kings of Leon opening for the Strokes once…

What band musically inspires you, personally?
J-I would say Young Marble Giants.
D- Tupac.
L-Dusty Springfield.

Do you have a favorite seattle band?
L- I like Witch Gardens a lot. And the Intelligence, Idle Times, and Unnatural Helpers. I really appreciate USF for what they do, too.
J- Stephanie and M Women. Leif just took all my answers!
D- Uhhhh, Sir Mixalot?

Where does the name "Orca Team" come from?
J- That's all Leif...
L- It started at school in Bellingham. I liked the PNW and I wanted to be on a team. Like a pack of sea wolves...or something.

What was your worst job?
D- Dairy Queen. I once was asked to kill a rat.
L- I worked at Noodles & Co as a dishwasher.
J- I worked at a Christian conference center…I win!

Describe the look of the band aesthetic, please.
J-We prefer to wear a lot of black…we like the simplicity of early mod's classic silhouettes, before the crazy colors. Oh...and bowties.

Can you all agree on one movie that is perfect for a first date?
(After several minutes of debate) Spyria.

What is your favorite soda?
L- A Shirley Temple…mmmm.
D- I think I just really like Mexican Coke.
J- I low Blue Sky Jamaican Ginger Ale.

Are any of you superstitious?
L- Yeah. I don't walk under ladders. And we don't practice the day we play unless do it twice... never three times.

As a youth, what did you want to be when you grew up??
J- I wanted to be a marine biologist… of course.
L- I wanted to be a scientist until I realized you had to be smart. That was in Kindergarten. Also, a secret agent.
D- I wanted to be a firetruck.

Trying to see them live? ORCA TEAM is playing at Ground Zero on September 24th, before their West coast tour with Pony Time in late Sept/Oct. Then they'll be at the Wildrose on Nov. 12th, sans pants if I have any say in the matter.

Adios muchachos.

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