Sunday, May 6, 2012

Making Magic with Craft Spells

Craft Spells were in town! I have been waiting to meet up with these guys for months, and was super excited to hear that they were all finally back in Seattle. The boys stopped in for a few days during their west coast tour leading up to the release of their new EP, Gallery, and I was lucky enough to catch their performance at UW's Huskyfest, where Cairo had a silkscreen booth set up for the weekend. 

Justin, Jack, and Javier stopped by Cairo last week for a quick interview, where we talked about Craft Spells groupies in Singapore, "Yeah, they read somewhere that I liked orange juice so they brought us all juice boxes...", the immortal genius of The Chromatics, and sleeping until 2 PM. 

The photo shoot was it's own monster to tackle: Jack only wanted to wear one thing, Javier wanted everything, and Justin was too overwhelmed with options. In the end we got them all in an outfit, but not without littering the entire floor of the space with clothes. What a trip. Thanks again for stopping in, gentlemen. You made the afternoon very worthwhile. 

Check out their interview and some photos from the shoot below. For more pics, head to Cairo's Tumblr

The Photoshoot
All I said was "loosen up" and this is what they came up with... 

**Like the clothes you see? Everything can be found in-store at Cairo!

The Interview: 

You are sort of a California band and sort of a Seattle band. Which do you identify with the most? 
None, really. We are just an All-American band. Classic American band. 
JDS We think of ourselves as 4 Bruce Springsteens, if you will. 

What is something you like to do when you're all in Seattle? 
We like going to Fish Fry. We're big fans of fish and chips. And we usually go to KEXP too. Tonight we are seeing Real Estate at The Neptune. 

Where did the name Craft Spells come from? 
Back in college, I was obsessed with shamanism, and how they could cure their tribe by singing songs. I felt like I was crafting spells in my room, like a shaman. 

What were some inspirations for the new EP, Gallery?
The Durutti Column, The Wake, and moving back to California.

What band or musician would most like to collaborate with (from any time in history)? 
J Vini from The Durutti Column. 
JDS Let me look through my IPod. 
JS The Beatles?

What are your signs? 
J Libra
JDS Taurus Gemini?
JS Gemini 

What are you listening to right now? 
J The new Chromatics album.
JS Frankie Rose.
JDS Let me keep looking through my IPod...

If you had to eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?
J Mashed potatoes. Hands down. 
JDS I would just say potato, so I can make it a bunch of ways.
JS I would say empanadas. 

Have you ever been starstruck?
J Recently, Javier and I met OMD in Singapore. We got a photo and gave them our album. That was really, really rad. 
JDS When I went to the Grammies, Skrillex bought popcorn next to me. He's so short. I couldn't stop staring. 
JS I went to Paul McCartney's school in Liverpool and I got to shake his hand when he visited. 

What are three words you would use to describe your personal style? 
J minimal. neutral. hardly. 
JDS church. goth. surfy. 
JS mystical. father figure.

What was your first concert?
J Alanis Morissette. My dad took me. It was wild. She dropped her guitar and ran around stage and started playing everyone else's instruments. A lot of respect for her after that show. 
JS Bob Dylan. I saw him when I was seven with my parents. 
JDS I think it must have been The Killers? 

Do you have a personal motto?
JDS If you want to G.E.T., you have to A.S.K.
JS I'm with stupid.
J I really don't "live by" anything. It's hard to restrict your life to one sentence.

If you had a band dinner and were able to invite one extra person of your choice, who would you each invite?
J Cee-Lo Green.
JDS (Cee-Lo Green!? Then I would not attend this dinner.) I would invite Freddie Mercury. Just so I could watch that mustache consume food. 
JS Mark Hoppus! 

Determined to see Craft Spells before they finish the tour? The band will be playing Sasquatch Festival on May 26th at the Gorge in George, Washington. Don't miss it!

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