Tuesday, August 21, 2012

CAIRO TAPE CLUB #2 gets release during VIBRATIONS 2012

Cairo is proud to bring you the 2nd volume in the Cairo Tape Club series. In conjunction with the Vibrations Music Festival, the tape features live recordings from Mark McGuire, White Rainbow, Spencer Clark, and a special collaboration by U.S.F/Secret Colors. All songs were recorded live at Cairo by Dylan Wall and are limited to 100 copies.  

Stream it now, or PRE-ORDER yours today.  We'll have them on hand at the Cairo booth during Vibrations!  

Cairo is also offering a free download of the sold-out Cairo Tape Club #1The tape features live recordings from Expo 89 and will only be free for one day only. (August 24th, 9am-9pm PST which is when the "cost" of the download will go from $500 to FREE).

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