Friday, August 24, 2012

Interview with Vibrations Band DETECTIVE AGENCY!

One of the many awesome bands playing at Cairo's Vibrations Fest is Detective Agency, a local four-piece band inspired by 1960's girl groups, ABBA, and Elvis. 

The band stopped by Cairo the other day to drink champagne, answer some questions, and try on some sweet gear. Check out their photos and read their interview below, and come see them perform TOMORROW at Vibrations! 

 Nate, Gwen, Uli, Amy

Have you ever played a festival before? 
Yes! We've played SxSW twice, and BeachTreat 2011, up at Golden Gardens. 

What was your best tour memory?
Uli-- I liked it when we played in Vancouver at 3:30 AM, at this place when everyone was on drugs in a big warehouse. It was so sweaty and it smelled like garbage. But it was really fun!
Nate-- my favorite memory was going to this random dude's apartment-- he said it was a "business", but really it was a guy sitting on the couch watching Point Break. nice guy tho. 
Amy-- I liked playing Bellingham. It was in a house of people I used to know and a lot of new people. I really like playing in houses. 
Gwen-- Probably when I played with you guys for the first time at SxSW. I was trying to be all tough wearing all black and playing keyboards, when I didn't really know what I was doing. 

Biggest individual music influences? 
Uli-- I really like ABBA. Madonna's first album. Teenage Fanclub. 
Nate-- Elvis, The Anniversary's second album. That's when I started wearing tight jeans. 
Gwen-- Don't say that, it's so cheesy! I love Gun Club, The Clean, and The Normal. 
Amy-- I really like 60's girl groups. I listened to The Cure, The Pixies, and The Smiths growing up. 

How did you all meet and start? 
Uli--We started as a real detective agency! We were a detective agency because I really wanted to solve some crime. We all lived in Ballard and it was such a small neighborhood and we just wanted to solve mysteries. We wanted to put ads in Ballard in little newspapers and actually get cases. 
Amy--We started as a band here at Cairo! We added the name on the band map and decided to start playing music. 

What are your signs? 
Amy-- Sagittarius.
Uli-- I'm a cusp of Scorpio Sagittarius. 
gwen-- I'm a Taurus.
nate- Libra!

First concert? 
Nate-- Less Than Jake 
Amy-- David Bowie at the Tacoma Dome 
Uli-- I went to The Lemonheads. They opened for Soul Asylum. 
Gwen-- I don't wanna talk about it. I'll tell you about the time I snuck in to see Joe Strummer play at The Showbox, when I was 18. It was the first time I used a fake ID. 

What are you most excited about for Vibrations?
Uli-- To play outside and hang out with cool people and all the cool bands that are playing. 
Nate-- I am excited about all the good vibrations. 

What is next? 
We are playing with Dead Ghost, then take a break and record. We'll be playing more shows in late fall. 

Come watch Detective Agency tomorrow afternoon at VIBRATIONS in Volunteer Park! See you then!

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