Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Friday Night (De)Lights

Cool down Friday evening with some dope electronic sounds. Cairo's got a four-band bill on deck (a rarity for us!) that's sure to satisfy. Nothing but wall-to-wall instrumental awesomeness.

Dig on the transcendent electronic sounds of Radio People aka prolific soundscaper Sam Goldberg, Midwestern tripper Carl Calm, Gift Tapes' awesome Harpoon Pole Vault, and Same Species (the combined powers of Jermaine Blair, Matthew Ford, and Adam Svenson).

There are two posters for this kraut-flavored weekend happening, the first is by the inimitable Chris Ando (Talbot Tagora) and the other is by Harpoon Pole Vault himself (Gift Tapes/DRAFT Records boss-man Jason E. Anderson, also of Brother Raven).

The show starts at 7:30ish, with admission being the usual $5. All-ages are welcome. Negative vibes are not. RSVP to the concert on facebook here. See you then!

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