Thursday, May 5, 2011

Cairo Digital Mixtape #02 is Online Now

Cairo's second-ever digital mixtape is now online. This epic mix was compiled by Cairo honcho Joel Leshefka and spans a broad array of genres and eras. "New Age Terrence Malick Weekend" is, incidentally, also the name of one of Cairo's most underrated and psychedelic t-shirt designs (I'm wearing mine right now! There's still some on sale at Cairo and 20 Twenty). "Side A" and "Side B" of this mixtape are embedded below, and are freely download-able. Track 4 of Side A is from the brand new Flexions record, and you're hearing it here first. Stay tuned to Cairo for more brand new digital mixes in coming weeks.

New Age Terrence Malick Weekend Side A by Cairo Seattle

New Age Terrence Malick Weekend Side B by Cairo Seattle

Side A

01. Endless Sleep - Joey Reynolds
02. Go Outside - The Cults
03. Bees - Tanlines
04. Golden Fjord - Flexions
05. Close Your Eyes (U Remix) - U.S.F.
06. It Doesn't Arrive - Emeralds
07. Wires - The Moles
08. Axis Mundi - Magik Markers
09. Lion Tamer - Wet Paint DMM
10. Anything Could Happen - the Clean
11. Branss - U.S.F.
12. Brook Meadows - Rangers

Side B

01. Heave - Gauntlet Hair
02. True Blue - Dirty Beaches
03. Who Are You Trying to Fool - Little Ann
04. Trapdoor- S4LEM
05. Shiver - Grave Babies
06. Beyond Living - Milk Music
07. Pink Moon - Sebadoh
08. In the Garden of the Pharaohs - Wet Hair
09. See Through - Arthur Russell
10. Meds - Stephanie
11. Stand Alone - Pink Military
12. Tame All the Lions - Valet

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