Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Cairo Digital Mixtape #03: Go Easy With Me

Matt Lawson of Secret Colors, Stephanie, and recent Cairo photoshoot fame is responsible for the latest entry in our popular digital mixtape series. His is maybe the best mix yet, with a really eclectic selection of awesome tunes (Swirlies!). He also included what is maybe the best song from that hot new Gang Gang Dance Record.

You can download "Go Easy With Me" here via mediafire (until we figure out something a little more elegant).



01. Please Go Easy With Me - S.E. Rogie
02. Rachelle - M. Women
03. His Life of Academic Freedom - The Swirlies
04. A Lamb's Lullaby - Thinking Fellers Union Local 282
05. Snowbank Treatment - Dragging An Ox Through Water
06. Fun Dink Death - Eric Copeland
07. Your Love - The Dovers
08. First Time - Soft Circle
09. The Fog Rose High - Craft Spells
10. The Cold World Melts - Soft Metals
11. Chinese High - Gang Gang Dance
12. Hold Onto Your Woman - Yellowman and Fathead
13. Da Art of Storytellin' Pt. 1 (Instrumental) - Outkast
14. Call Collect - Blues Control
15. Burning - DQE
16. Keep On Trying - The Outsiders


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