Friday, May 6, 2011

John Travolta Super Group! Starring Jamey & Nate.

This week’s fashion gurus come in a pair: recently engaged Seattle power couple Jamey Braden and Nate Mooter. I had the pleasure of spending some quality time Saturday with Jamey (Wet Paint DMM) and Nate (The Lashes, Strong Killings) getting the scoop on their favorite things (other than each other), and a few wedding deets. (“We’re getting married at All Pilgrim’s Church. You know, the one with the rainbow banner on Broadway?”)

During the photo shoot, Jamey put her acting skills to work (she sometimes performs under the name C.R.O.N.E.) easing her man’s nerves, ultimately making him laugh throughout their entire set. They were excited about the future chins of their children, making light of their matching northern butts (check out the pic).

It should also be noted that all that raspberry blowing got spittle on the camera! Thanks guys! But seriously, you guys are the coolest. Especially in a Marilyn Monroe silk shirt.

*All fashions can be found at Cairo, except, unfortunately, Jamie’s super-awesome saddle shoes.

*see more photos here:

What is your sign?
j- I’m a Scorpio.
n- Pisces.

What is your spirit animal?
j- Let me think about this for a while… there are animals that I feel
mystical about. Wild horses. I wasn't a “horse girl” growing up, but I
feel very mystical about them now.
n- I have kind of been obsessed with slugs for a while… I have had a
few very nice moments with slugs.

What are some of your other musical projects in Washington?
n- I’ve been in a lot… American Zero, Rockness Monsters, The Dobbs, Kay Kay
and His Weathered Underground…
j- I was in a band with Darin Shuler that was called Ian Shuler. That's his brother. There was a house band that did one performance, we were called The Bible. There is also a music project in the works, but I can’t talk about that yet…

Where do you think the sexiest accent comes from?
j- I like New Jersey.
n- Any accent. They are all sexy.

What was the last book you read?
j- King Kong Theory by this badass french feminist. (Virginie Despentes)
n- Mountains Beyond Mountains by Tracy Kidder.

How did you two meet?
j- Haha, I was bossing him around at a fashion show at Atlas when I worked
there. He was modeling for Ruffeo Hearts Lil’ Snotty.
n- You were bossing everyone around that evening. Very sexy.

Who takes more time to get ready?
j- me? You? Sometimes it's equal.

What are your current favorite Seattle Bands?
j- I like U. I love FOOTWORK.
n- I like Butts. And Thee Satisfaction.
j- I love Butts… oh and Partman Parthorse.

What is your favorite thing about each other?
n- I really like your eyes.
j- Are we doing physical characteristics? Nate is a babe! He has a
sexy John Travolta butt-chin. But another thing I really love about Nate
and I is our comfortableness with each other. We are able to be both
masculine and feminine.

What was your worst fashion decision from your awkward phase?
j- I used to bleach my mustache. I let that one fly (Nate laughts). Also I used to buy
a lot of clothes from Rave.
n- I used to have those really wide red suspenders that tucked into
these second hand stone-washed Levis. I used to wear lots of hammer pants (cringes).

If you could have anyone marry you two, who would it be?
j- David Byrne. In the suit. Rodney Dangerfield is a close second.
n- (just laughs) um…ooh Patti Smith!


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