Friday, May 20, 2011

Secret Couple.

Cairo regulars/babe couple Matt Lawson and Liz Pffffffriem (no P sound, thank you) are featured in this week's post of Cairo fashion mania!
Matt (Secret Colors) currently works at the Boys & Girls Club and has played with bands like Stephanie, Solar Master, Yellow Rabbit, and The Rain Drops. Liz now works for the super-glamorous Grammy Awards, and has worked for The Vera Project, Rainy Dawg Radio, and SIFF.

Liz also has a mixtape series with Kari Odegaard, called Voodoo Reverb.

Hanging out with Matt & Liz for the afternoon was awesome, although we did have a few set problems. Below is a photo of Matt raising the white backdrop, which was too short (ha!).
I know they get shit about their height all the time but it just makes them so damn cute.

Also, we had guest appearance by Beth Corry and Marius Mazilu (the first ever interviewee) during our photo shoot, so they helped us out a little. Thanks guys!


To see the rest of the shoot, mosey on over to our Flickr.

What is your sign?
L- I am a Scorpio.
M- Gemini…
L- This horoscope book said if we (a Scorpio and Gemini) could get past the conflict we would have great adventures!
M- Yeah, Scorpio Liz is a fiery pistol.

What is your spirit animal?
L- a Dalmatian!
M- a mole maybe…but I would rather be a bird.

Are you from Seattle?
L- Kind of, I’m from Edmonds.
M- I’m from Spokane.

What is your favorite Seattle band at the moment?
L- I’ll say Secret Colors.
M- M. Women

What is your favorite northwest band of all time?
M- Ooooh, probably Modest Mouse.
L- The Thermals.

What is the worst joke you've heard about your height difference?
M- people embarrass us a lot about dancing and sex.
L- Yeah, just inappropriate adult comments in general.
M- I get asked how tall I am every day.

How tall are you?
M- ha, you’re the first today! I’m 6'7.
L- I’m 5'2.

What is your favorite Seattle music venue?
L- I saw some really fun shows at Atlas (on Broadway), and it wasn't around long enough
to get tired of it. Definitely The Vera Project too, because of my history there.
M- I’ve only been around for a few years, but The Greenhouse was really cool.

Do you remember the first song you ever made out to?
L- Ha! I remember making out to The Mars Volta with my first boyfriend in
high school.
M- I was in 6th grade, so we were listening to the Space Jam soundtrack.

Would you prefer to have the ability of flight or invisibility?
L- Flight! Who needs to feel more invisible? AM I RIGHT?
M- flight.

What are you listening to in preparation for summer?
M- I just got really into this band Thinking Fellers Union Local 282. They are a 90’s band from San Francisco. And the new Gang Gang Dance!
L- A few weeks ago, when I was making the balloon art for Jason’s birthday, I listened to some Aretha Franklin Gold. That got me really pumped.

Until next week!

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