Monday, June 27, 2011

Cairo Digital Mixtape #04: Memphis Voyager

Enigmatic contributor "St. Germain" brings us our latest Digital Mixtape: "Memphis Voyager," a comprehensive collection of little-heard Southern underground hip-hop and other stanky, bassy sounds. The concept behind "Memphis Voyager" should sit well with anyone who's been binging on Ancient Aliens on Netflix Instant Watch™--if aliens came to Earth, what are the subterranean sounds we'd first like to introduce them to? Take me to your leaders, yo.

Our shiny new Temple of Cairo has the stream and download of "Memphis Voyager." Here, again, is the direct link.


01. Gangsta Pat Ft. Villain – The Saga Continues
02. Gangsta Blac Ft. Cool ‘B’ – Life’s a Bitch
03. Tommy Wright III Ft. Evil Son and Crucifix – We Creep
04. Criminal Mafia – Yo Ass is Dead
05. Mack DLE – Future
06. DJ Zirk Ft. Tha 2 Thick Family
07. 3 Memphis Kniccas – Funkytown Sounds
08. Yo Lynch Ft. Criminal Manne – Keepin My Pockets Swole
09. Kingpin Skinny Pimp – Don’t Test Me
10. Playa Fly – Start Runnin
11. Gangsta Blac – Wanna Guess

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