Thursday, June 9, 2011

DIY: Natural Household Cleaners workshop this sunday

You may be inclined to believe that toxic exposure is something that happens in coal mines and nuclear disasters. The reality is less distant. Look no further than under your kitchen sink or the cabinet in your laundry room. On average we are exposed to more toxic chemicals in our own homes then we are anywhere else. This workshop will provide you will the knowledge you need to avoid the most common and dangerous carcinogens more commonly referred to as “household cleaners”.

Learn from Carmen King, certified Nutritional Therapist, what effects specific chemicals have on health issues like hormone balance, weight gain and degenerative disease. In addition, this hands on workshop will teach you how to make products that will work better, cost less (and smell better) then what you’ve been buying at the store.

Attend this eye-opening workshop and learn how easy it is make your own household products. Attendees will be brewing up their own concoctions that you take home with you.

Cairo will be hosting 2 workshops this sunday. From 1-3pm and 3-5pm, come play alchemist and mix up your own scented cleaners. Drop by today with $12 and reserve your spot.

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