Thursday, June 9, 2011

New Cairo Blog Feature: Cairo Quickies!

Hey there Cairo bloggers,
this is our first edition of a new feature, where we take photos of the smartly- or interestingly-dressed folks that mosey on into the shop.
Our first ever post features Cairo neighbor & superfriend Maggie!
When she's not whippin' up a fresh batch of fish'n'chips at the Fry,
Maggie can usually be seen riding her bike around Seattle or hanging out at home with the Cat(s).
On this particular day, Ms. Maggie was on her way to a BBQ, in full summer attire.
Check out the short interview and a few pics of the beauty in her cool duds.


Where did you get your dress?
I got it in highschool for my senior photos. I still love it though. It's going to be my wedding dress.

What's your biggest style inspiration right now?
My cat Sophie. I try to dress in similar patterns, because she always looks so damn good all the time.


Have any summer plans?
Yeah! I'm going to Iceland and then England for the final Harry Potter premiere, which I just bought a wand for. I'm looking at opening a wizarding school here in the Northwest...


Where is the best place to bike to in the summer?
The nude beach!

Hell yeah. Until next time!

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