Monday, June 13, 2011

RumSpringa Forward!

Is it possible that two “partial” albinos could find each other and become best friends? Clearly.
Fair Anna is a conceptual designer with a history of industrial and costume design, and currently works with Allie Hankins for Northwest New Works. She also costumed an Implied Violence exhibit at the Guggenheim museum for the "Works and Process" Festival.
Not-so-fair Carmen (but still albino?) is a fisherwoman, aspiring model, and student at Bastyr, and nutrition and natural health enthusiast if I ever met one. Carmen hosted a workshop here at Cairo last weekend, featuring non-toxic DIY cleaners and natural fragrances… and now all my clothes smell like wondrous rosemary lavender.
The girls tried on every boot and heel in the shop last Saturday, while engaging in serious conversations about the Amish and the importance of Vitamin B12 in a vegan diet. We got so carried away, in fact, that our interview had to be rescheduled. Nutritional yeast and supplements can sure be distracting...

Anyway, these girls were naturals in front of the camera.



And knew how to pick some eye catching outfits...



And then there was something about a banana?

for more photos, including close ups of Carmen & Anna's accessories (exclusively at Cairo!) click on over HERE!

What is your sign?
A- I am a Scorpio. WATCH OUT!
C- I am a Libra.

What is your spirit animal?
A- I’m pretty sure I am a rabbit.
C- No, you're an albino unicorn. But wow that’s a really good question. Maybe a feline. Fe-lion. A lioness.

Who or what are your greatest fashion influences?
C- I would say my grandma and Stevie Nicks.
A- I am really obsessed with the Amish people and Mennonites…. So I guess that translates. Oddly, I would say the striking assurance and confidence of the way Diana Vreeland dresses herself is a great influence.

Where were you born and raised?
A- I was born in Bradford, England. I was raised in Seattle, WA.
C- I was raised in Cordova, AK, but I was born in California.

What was the first concert you ever saw?
C- I saw the Pixies in Denmark when I was sixteen.
A- Im a little embarrassed about the truth of this answer… My sister and I loved Debbie Gibson and went to see her at Key Area.

When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up?
C- Oh god. That would take a whole page. I didn’t want to grow up though.
A- An inventor. I just couldn’t figure out how plastic was made; I wanted to know and no one could help me out.

Carmen, you are leaving for Alaska to go fishing for the summer. What is the trendiest fishing accessory?
Oh that’s easy. Xtratufs…they are these round rubber boots. I always feel so chic when I am fishing.

Artistically, what are your biggest inspirations?
A- I am blessed with a weird imaginiation. I think what I interpret something as is often different than reality. I do tons and tons of research.
C- I am very inspired by lifestyle—mine and those of the people around me. I am inspired by feelings—and how I want to feel.

Anna, was is your most fathomable achievement as an artist?
The greatest achievement that I can conceive of is having time. When you reach the apex you have time to think about what you want. The financial reward will be time. The time to dream, I guess.

Who is your favorite musician?
C- Oh that’s so hard. I’ll say Dolly Parton.
A- I’ll say Moondog. He makes the most beautiful music ever.

How would you describe your personal style?
A- I would say body-conscious utilitarian.
C- I have told been I dress romantically. I really like clashing bright-colors. Tropical.

Interested in Carmen's workshop? Sit tight until the end of summer! More info TBA!

Catch you later! Liv.

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