Friday, June 3, 2011

Sidekick Feline

Local chillwave darlings USF sure are cute, huh? Let’s be honest, we all know how awesome these guys are. Jason Baxter and Kyle Hargus are multi-talented: They can make music on their computers, write articles for local newspapers, and do some serious Googling… all while they stroke their respective kitties and drink Kombucha.
Who are these guys? In addition to being Cairo’s blog/mixtape guru, Jason (the blonde one) writes a weekly column for The Stranger, contributes to Tacoma’s The Weekly Volcano, and is the communications coordinator for The Vera Project (exhale).
I think Kyle (the ginger) explains his own profession best: “Well, I have an office job that involves a lot of complicated Googling. A lot of Google News, and summarizing Google News.”
We went for the beachy-keen look for USF (duh) sporting some tropical shades, shorts, and tees. Hell, we even threw in a dolphin. Check out the Cairo-original tee on Jason ($24.00 in store or on Etsy!) and the super slinky Alternative Apparel purple tank on Kyle. Poolside attire anyone?


More? MORE!

What is your sign?
K-I’m a Virgo
J- Taurus!

What is your spirit animal?
K- I know what I would like it to be… an owl.
J- There was a tiger in my dream the other day. I’m going to say a tiger.

Where were you born and raised?
J- Born in Seattle and raised in Edmonds… with a pit stop in Portland.
K- Born in Seattle, raised in Seattle.

Jason, what is your affiliation with Cairo?
J- I write blog posts about all the amazing shows we have here, and
sometimes I share photos and videos. I also work on press releases,
and coordinating our new bandcamp/mixtape series.

Where do you think is the best place to see a show in Seattle?
K- I saw Sigur Ros at Benaroya Hall. I like Benaroya… not every
city has a state of the art music hall.
J- besides Cairo? I’ll cosign on Benaroya.

What new record do you recommend right now?
K- The new Wild Beasts album [Smother] that I’ve been listening to a lot at the
moment. And the new Javelin record.
J- I’ll have to look at my phone… the new Craft Spells record. Also
Synthesist by Harold Grosskopf (Bighead). I’ve been digging on that a
lot too.

Where did you two first meet?
K- We met at the McCharty dorms at UW. We were separated by a floor.

How did you two start playing music together?
K- We lived together for a year…
J- …In the shittiest apartment ever.
K- It was a shitty apartment…we started when Jason got a DD20 pedal
for Christmas one year.

What were your first impressions of each other?
J- Something like, “this seems like a cool dude I could get along
with.” We both really liked comics…
K- …and yerba mate lattes from Tully’s.

So Kyle, are you into comics too?
Oh yeah. Very much so. I really like Batman, Inc., Duncan the Wonder Dog, Cold Heat.

What is your ultimate fantasy band for USF to open for?
K- Os Mutants for sure!
J- I would love to open for… not Wilson Phillips. Kitaro.

Which boy band resonates the most with you?
(in unison) 98 degrees!
K- no, 2gether, that MTV fake boy band.

Word on the street is that USF is into cats. Tell me about yours.
K- My cat’s name is Holly. I’ve had her for about a year and a half.
She's hefty… a lot to love. She's a lot of colors; she's a
barman with a tabby mix. She is reluctant to exercise but anxious for
attention. She's the size of a small raccoon. I call her Hall & Oates
sometimes. She comes to her name too; she has a bit of a dog streak in
her I guess.
J- Montana! She's a 4-year-old tabby. She was a big girl when I got
her, but with proper diet and exercise, we’ve got her down to a healthy weight. She is a real pest and incredibly needy, but she is super affectionate. I recently discovered that she hates listening to metal. She likes to eat boxes and loves catnip. Also, she has no respect for anyone’s boundaries.

What is your favorite tropical locale?
K- Maui, my mom grew up in Hawaii so we used to go there a lot. That’s
definitely my favorite island.
J- Oh yeah, you would ask that of USF.

What is in store for the future, you ask? With two singles (one for Deathbomb Arc ) coming AND a tour this summer, these guys are on the fast track to cat-sickness.

See you at the beach!


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