Friday, April 15, 2011

Cairo Digital Mixtape #01 is Online Now

We here at Cairo are launching an online "digital mixtape series" featuring killer mixes put together by store managers, employees, friends, and other generally rad people. This is just the first of what will hopefully be many, and we already have another couple in the pipeline. In the meantime, feast your ears on this 45-minute excursion into luminescent, aquamarine waters--it's my predictably summery, feel-good mix. Enjoy.

UPDATE: The Soundcloud link is down, but you can download the mix directly here. Thanks.

"Digital J-Card":


01. Want You Still (ft. Kilo Kish) (excerpt) - Jet Age of Tomorrow
02. Gloomy Guts (ft. Craft Spells) - Mickey Mickey Rourke
03. Smoke and Mirrors - Adventure
04. (Caribbean) Dreams - Okay Colour!
05. I'm Loaded (ft. E-40) - Droop-E
06. Wild Horses - Prefab Sprout
07. Kaputt - Destroyer
08. Por Medio De La Lectura - Los Amparito
09. Future Step - Pictureplane
10. Final Program (ssllooww edit) - Baby Sloth Spirit
11. Space Vacation - Beat Connection

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lar said...

kilo kish and droop? nice one