Saturday, April 9, 2011

Fancy Footwork.

This week, the gentlemen of local band FOOTWORK stopped by Cairo for inspiring words and dress up time.
Jim (Wet Paint DMM, Cut Loose, Half Gift), Taylor (Cut Loose, Secondary), and Pelly (Haunted Horses) make up the coolest trio of shorties in Seattle.

Check out the special appearance by Peter Lowe, another member of the "5'5 and Under" club.

J- Leo
T- Aquarius
P- Libra

Favorite Northwest Band of All Time:
J- I Cant decide!
T- Why I Must Be Careful
P- Cut Loose. Funny, but it’s true.

Spirit Animal:
J- Dolphin.
T- I have no spirit animal. I was born without one.
P- Llama! L-L-A-M-A. Llama.

Favorite Current Seattle Band:
J- Naomi Punk and Masters & Johnson
T- U
P- U, but fuck Travis Coster! No just kidding.

Song Playing When Approaching the Pearly Gates:
J- Black Angel’s Death Song, covered by Clock DVA
T- The Electrician by The Walker Brothers
P- 6 Underground by Sneaker Pimps

First Concert:
J- Bush…Wax opened. It was at the Electric Ballroom in Tempe, AZ.
T- Missing 23rd, a hardcore show in the Bay Area.
P- I saw Korn in Los Angeles. At the Hollywood Bowl.

Major Musical Influences:
J- Post- Punk and No Wave
T- DNA and Phantom Smasher
P- Volcano!

Check out FOOTWORK's tunes here!

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naomi said...

this band likes but also hates travis coster