Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Decorating My Binder with STICKERS

Last weekend, (sort of) local wondertrio Stickers dominated Cairo's racks for a few hours.
They succeeded in pulling out every gem and kitty sweater in stock, impersonating everyone from Julia Roberts in "Pretty Woman" and Tom Cruise in "Risky Business", and ultimately depleting the store's supply of baseball jerseys. (Thanks Emily)

Gabi (sax/vocals), Emily (drums), and Troy (bass) interviewed and photographed like champs (or cheerleaders?)

T Capricorn
G Leo
E Capricorn

Spirit Animal
T Beagle
G I can’t pin it down on just one. I say I need all of them, for different days of the week.
E Raccoon.

T Reno
G Connecticut
E Seattle!

Worst Job
T I worked at a tennis court in Reno. It was really hot and I worked in a trailer dealing with old people.
G I was a magician’s assistant, but I had to quit because he was a pervert.

First Concert
T MC Hammer...with my babysitter.
G Peter, Paul, and Mary at an outdoor theater in CT.
E Nirvana and Butthole Surfers in Seattle.

Favorite Local Band of All Time
T Ponytime! Ponytime Ponytime Ponytime Ponytime. Ponytime.
...and King Dude. Gotta keep it in the family.
G I just fell in love with Puberty. It’s pop gold.
E I’m gonna go with Grave Babies.

Stickers will be playing a show here at Cairo with Captain Ahab and FOOTWORK on MAY 13th. So you best be there.

Check out Stickers' music and more here.

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