Friday, April 8, 2011

Tonight: Witch Gardens, DUZHKNEW, Cousins, and Neighbors

More great live music tonight, as per usual. Local pop quartet Witch Gardens--fresh off another recording sesh and the debut of their new 7" artwork--will headline a show that includes visiting Nova Scotians DUZHEKNEW and Cousins. Neighbors open this all-ages show. Doors at 8 pm, $5 to enter. Here's some more dish on our Canadian guests:


Adam O'Reilly is a self-styled "weird Canadian" (is there any other kind?) who plays under the alias DUZHEKNEW. His brand of indie pop is sort of jagged and frantic, but marked by a charismatic joyfulness, making him an ideal companion to Witch Gardens. Sometimes his songs take on more of a sparse, melancholic dimension with heart-on-your-sleeve earnestness and elegiac guitar sounds, and other times they're peppy and boisterous. For live performances, O'Reilly has recently been joined by a pair of other jammers.


Novia Scotians Cousins ply strained, triumphant indie rock in a fairly traditional (not nonetheless exciting) mold. While their recordings are a little more restrained, apparently Cousins are genuinely raucous live, and brimming with fuck-it-all brio. When the duo came in to record a live session for the folks at Daytrotter during the POP Montreal festival, Sean Moeller was compelled to write, "We appreciate that we have a young band like this to believe in, one that makes you feel like you're living down by the train tracks, tooling around on dirt bikes and skateboards, drinking Mountain Dew, thinking about bad news girls and feeling that you've got an itch that you just can't scratch."

Molson and Labatt night! See you there!

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