Monday, April 18, 2011

Roll Over in Your Grave, Baby.

Last Saturday afternoon, one quarter of goth-punk band Grave Babies ambled towards Cairo, American Spirit and American mullet in tow. ("I just started smoking like, 4 or 5 months ago")

We spent the day dressing him up in Cairo jewels, T-shirts, and backpacks, Danny eventually adopting the "welcome back to school, asshole" mentality midway through his photo shoot. The last look featured a wooden staff, suitable for traversing great lands OR impersonating Britney. Also, it must be noted that I haven't ever seen anyone get so excited about a Chicago Bulls T as Danny...

The antisocialite, along with the other 75% of Grave Babies can be listened to/creeped on here. If you want to get serious, go to the Funhouse on APRIL 29TH for the ggnzla Movie Premiere Night to see them perform IN PERSON.

Check out the guest appearance by beloved Frank C below!


Favorite local band:
I don’t think I can pick a favorite… Grave Babies.

First concert:
It was a co-headlining tour with MC Hammer and Boyz II Men, in Champaign, IL.

Musical Influences:
Nirvana, Roy Orbison, and Master P.

Where are you from:
I’m from Champaign, Illinois.

Spirit animal
Oh, I don’t know. A human being I guess.

First song you made out to:
Well it was in an elevator, so I guess elevator music.

Song playing when approaching the pearly gates:
I don’t believe in god.

Most bizarre occurrence at a show:
My friend once sold smut out of his trench coat at my show at the Holy Mountain…

Exciting piece of trivia:
Oh! I can spin a basketball on every finger, including my thumbs.

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andy said...

the vice interview about pissing in houses is still the best